Eric SanJuan Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Eric SanJuan - Ibekwe

Associate professor in computer science
University of Avignon (IUT STID )


LIA - CERI (EA 4128)

339, chemin des Meinajaries
Agroparc BP 1228
84911 AVIGNON Cedex 9
tel    : {33,0}4 90 84 35 25
fax    : {33,0}4 90 84 35 01 
E-mail : eric.sanjuan(at)

Who am I?

Coming from the world of discrete mathematics and algebraic logic, I like working on original applications of discrete probabilistic models to Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing and related areas in Information Science like Text Mining and Information Retrieval. The goal is to find efficient algorithms to handle discrete aspects of texts like syntax, linguistic rules and underlying conceptual structure.

Bilingual: French/Spanish.
Foreign language: English.

University Degrees


Ph.D in Mathematics and Computer Science, Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, France.
Topic: Heyting algebras with operators and information systems.
Directors: Professors Luisa Iturrioz and Maurice Pouzet


M. Phil. in Mathematics (formal Logic option), Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, France.


M.A in Discrete Mathematics, Université Claude Bernar - Lyon 1, France.


B.A. in Mathematics (Computer Science and Statistics Option), Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, France.



Computer science: language programming: C, C++, PERL 5, php, JAVA, LISP; Information systems : relational databases, SQL, UML; networks: TCP/IP, security based on Open SSL; Operating Systems: LINUX, SOLARIS, UNIX, Windows; General software: OpenOffice, MSOffice, Apache, MySQL; Specialized software: R, Splus, SAS, SPSS, WEKA.

Mathematics: Statistic: descriptive, parametric and non parametric tests; Data Mining: clustering, classification, principal component analysis; graph theory; linear algebra.


Text mining: Graph clustering, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Visualization, Information Retrieval, Automatic summarization.

Discrete Mathematics : association rules, Lattice Theory, Formal concept analysis, Horn functions, Rough Sets, algebraic logic.

Teaching history

I am currently a permanent lecturer at the Institute of Technology of Avignon in the department of Statistics and Decision Support Systems (StID). Before coming to Avignon in 2006, I was appointed as an assistant lecturer first in 2000 at the Institute of Technology 2 in Grenoble, then in 2001 at the University Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, and in 2002 I was nominated as lecturer at the Institute of Technology of Metz.

I'm teaching Computer Science, Information Systems and Data Mining to both under- and postgraduated students in Avignon (StID and Masters of computer science) and in Lyon (Masters of Applied Mathematics). These lectures address the following topics:

Extended summaries in French and students notes are available at

Research activities

My research interests revolve around Discrete Mathematics, Knowledge Discovery and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

On the theoretical side I'm using algebraic logic formalism:

On the application side I'm developing a complete online text mining system called TermWatch with Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan - University Lyon 3, France based on Terminology graphs. Last developments of TermWatch include graph decomposition based on minimal complete separators in collaboration with Anne Berry using the programs by Bangaly Kaba.

More recently, within the LIA TALNE team, I've been working on specific NLP applications including:

Organisation of scientific activities