599266242705391616 So what are people excited for during #Cannes2015 Or what are you not looking forward to? What will be the disappointment of the festival? 599484837255221248 VIDEO: Women in spotlight at Cannes festival: The subject of women's roles in the world of cinema has been in the spotlight at the 20... 610507526174601216 Ok I signed the petition to stop the dog meat festival in China. That doesn't mean I want to sign every petition you have @Change. calm down 610515338095013888 @conner_shannon Read some funky stories about"Body-Washing"@ Burning-Man's (Adjacent USA State) Maverick 15' surfing festival was a blowout 610519660405112832 Make sure to head over to the new George Windsor page! The east Barnet festival IS IN CONVERSATION! DONT MISS IT! 610521878671847424 @deborahprice1 Me too! Had such a great time last year at the festival. Would love to live in New Town 610524802248478721 @RoyalHolloway great to see women's rights celebrated as part of the festival- does this mean you'll be paying female lecturers fairly now? 610533895168110592 #Disgustsme #animalcruelty #AnimalAbuse We need to help stop this torture of animals AND this "festival"! PPL need to know! #STOPYuLin2015 610543924965412865 some burd from school got to go to IoW festival for free bc she's a style blogger, need to get into this lark 610556730402021376 Haven't been to @KemptvilleLive but we go to Ribfest & the Dandelion Festival @CantonCathy @Dandy2Lion @BBBSleedsgren #local #festival 610563893249843200 #ribs check #craftbeer check #music check out @TomahawkLove at #mississaugaribfest July 16th! Part of fantastic line up for the festival! 610569187380084736 @envirofoneuk What #Festival are you heading to this year? Follow and RT post for the chance to #win a #festival starter pack! #competition 610572221329866753 @G_Beacham hi I'm sorry Georgette if I offended you by my last tweet. Did you go to the iow festival? I would have chosen u on the show. 610575908425048065 Just writing up the @RhymeOnBeat review for @BoomBapUK (sorry @kitrichardsonuk, I know it's late) & it's giving me major post festival blues 610579235065982978 Wow. How is it okay to have a festival dedicated to torturing and killing innocent animals? How disgusting. #StopYuLin2015 610586211422486531 Imagining being at a pride festival as a cis woman walking around w my cishet bf. Lol. Ummmm. Nah, that nigga would stay home. 610599208907878401 I'd like to see what Festival, Sex and Suspicious Parents would be like at any type of reck festival. 610603312274997249 The Denver International Airport feels like a place the antichrist would build to throw a music festival! #holyshit #evil #creepy #airport 610615971540303872 @mynameisyouband don't you guys want to play the landmark festival in D.C. in September? I'm going so it would be perfect! 610625469143232513 China - they'll execute you in the streets for drug crimes and shoplifting but it's completely legal to hold a festival to torture animals 610643294536626176 @TopherThinks they're playing a festival thing here with Toadies, Fuel & American Hi-Fi. Starts about 6, so maybe 9:30-10? 610653714794291200 So one tiny part of China has a dog eating festival. People on social media say how they "hate all Chinese people". 610666556209676290 @Change sign this petition to end the dog meat festival in China. They're torturing dogs, be a voice for them. Make it stop! 610680634240016384 This Yulin dog festival is torture. How would those fuckers like to be boiled or burned alive?Hard to believe it's even real #StopYuLin2015 610686584782872576 Squad, let's go to the strawberry festival/parade @B8by_D1no @ShawnaMartin14 @SJSaysHi @jem0055 @anthony_seng 610689297604214784 To ANYONE who participates in that festival, you're despicable & you deserve to go through what you put this dogs through. #StopYuLin2015 610702572463132673 @EriccaMorales that's what I thought of too! someone really needs to make a movie about Freddy once film festival comes around again 610713630644932611 If in any way this festival is true, my faith in humanity will be down to an imaginary number. You have no souls. #StopYuLin2015 610723086674038784 Thank you @ArtistsAtHome @BedfordParkFest for the RTs - good luck with the rest of the festival events! X 610728720295329792 @JulieBishopMP The world is outraged. China is burning and boiling 10,000 dogs alive for a festival next week. Help! #StopYuLin2015 610748952170885120 From one Bloom festival to another, Happy Bloomsday everyone! Let us hope the sun comes back out to celebrate too #Bloomsday2015 #JamesJoyce 610753985859842050 #StopYuLin2015 ! Stand up and speak for those who can't , share this around we need to stop this so called "festival" . 610758197251411969 every time i read about this festival i wonder how and why we tolerate it. have a soul will you or just have a heart. STOP YULIN. 610767541313536002 What the fuck on earth is this abhorrent 'festival'? IT'S NOT A FUCKING FESTIVAL FOR FUCK'S SAKE #StopYuLin2015 610778950923517952 @Channel9 @BBCWorld @ABC help #StopYuLin2015 The festival is cruelty to dogs & must be stopped. Please use your media power to help stop it 610794220513701888 #OliverKoletzki, #RobinSchulz and #SickIndividuals - just some of the main attractions at #Loveweek festival! 610798542018449408 Why don't we start a festival in the UK where we do to Chinese people what they do to dogs ? Just a thought ? #StopYuLin2015 610805051209199616 We're recruiting for the festival as a whole rather than for companies but I'll ask... #FLARE15 @missjenniferrg @jackiecrozier 610816330120347648 British Live Market Worth $4.8 Billion, Draws 9.5 Million: From the rolling green fields of Glastonbury festival to sell-out runs at ... 610833116769423360 @cafedipTO: Join us for the 17th Barilla Taste of Little Italy! College St's large Italian festival between Bathurst and Shaw June 19-21 610835855737946113 If China told the U.S to stop celebrating a festival, I bet y'all would be outraged tho cus no one should be able to tell us what to do 610841752199667712 Finally lost my festival virginity @DownloadFest this year and it was fucking amazing! Seeing @slipknot live has made my life! #DL2015 610850226530840576 Horrified to read about that yulin festival it could make yi greet, how could anybody!! All they want is a wee pat n a pal #StopYuLin2015 610851946262622208 This Yulin festival makes me feel absolutely sick, horrible horrible horrible bunch of sickening people #StopYuLin2015 610853390617186304 Okay, this is kind of awesome. This is the tenth anniversary of the festival, so it's the TIN anniversary. 610856675587833856 @thereaIbanksy @HowardDonald thanks for highlighting this horrific 'festival' as it's been going on for years and must stop 610863453226553345 Remember when Halsey was at a music festival that I was at and I didn't know it until her set ended :')))))) fuck my existence 610864526339252224 Is anyone else as excited as I am for the #stonearch bridge festival?? #minneapolis #music #art #festivaltime 610866311485366272 Are you a frequent festival or fairgoer? @HM_Lifestyle is looking for tips to survive. Email to lifestyle@herald-mail.com. 610868323224563715 @positivesoph so you're saying if you're not vegan or vegetarian you can't support stopping this festival because we eat other meat?Pathetic 610880979645898752 In India we get basic festival holidays a lot for literally like every religion we get at least 2-3 holidays a month minimum Lmao 610883796351721473 Is YuLin actually a thing in China? This world is fucked up, what kind of a "festival" is that? Inhumane pieces of shit. #StopYuLin2015 621431459069472768 @uaintmymaine fam when I was at that festival in cali I just flexed to the beat I ain't hurt bout having no rhythm 621433648059912195 @JustBlaze aLIVE @flyinglotus set at Hudson project musical festival in Upstate NY.. Made me that much more determine to rock a crowd myself 621443168442183681 @Elcquid @FeileBelfast is the best festival in Ireland. Defintely attend some of the talks and big entertainment @HarryBeag @Kevgamblefeile 621447019559845890 @GreigWilson91 good wee man, when your a bit better should get a night out over for fringe festival in edin son! Take it easy xx 621449760784846848 Listening to classic #2Pac and getting a bucket load of work done preparing for #TRIBE - @MyronWalwyn Youth group's festival troupe. #PRGirl 621462889283649537 @Tie_dyed_Julia I'm about to post the opening festival! Will you be okay with sending in Gwen and Kurt's hiding places as well? ;w; 621480826635714561 @kidfromkidnplay maybe yall can come to VA for our music festival #july25 #vabeach #shaggfest #treysongz #sage #jidenna #tink and more 621493235366531073 @Vertical_Cat London, Dublin theatre trip. May go early for Raindance film festival if the film gets in. 621503032623104000 Hey @RobGronkowski want to celebrate your ESPY win & my birthday next summer in Nashville for CMA festival? I got an extra tix. Let me know 621534767691870208 @caloundrafest I really think you oughta have @Casey_Barnes, the GC Music Awards People's Choice winner at your little festival #justsaying 621548081322967040 do i wear my flare jeans to my concert on saturday or save them for the sawdust festival on sunday please participate in this poll and help 621574095478607872 Even though wedding season is about to pause for THE festival, @Apex_Inter & @McTSingh will lure this DJ back for top scran! #SinghsRoadtrip 621579457380233216 Also been sick not 2 mention I've ben workin on new stuff, new performance material, music videos, + an audition for #EDC #EDM #festival 621590767635709953 #CampBisco's ONLY concern is to make sure you don't bring drugs in. Pretty sure this festival is sponsored by the DEA. 621596238287380481 @innovativeteach Wellington pupils designing Kodu games as part of summer festival (Waterloo centenary) - some brilliant creations #kodu 621601734775975936 #lemonwater to start the day & last minute packing for @LatitudeFest so excited!!!!!! #festival #healthy #lemonwaterdetox #summerdetox #fun! 621606348514590720 V festival is next month and I'm so poor I don't even have a travel bag or any of the things I need for it omg 621616030872285184 tell Billy Moore to get some Botox on that forehead, more folds than an origami festival in Japan #MattyMeanTweets 621628820236423168 @retroremakes I look forward to the TB film festival next year, 3 weeks jam packed with frame rate test videos. 621632750240559104 Thanks to everyone who came down to #magnacartasuite album launch @606club. Hope to you see again at @officialronnies #piano #trio #festival 621641184864272384 Have you entered our #Janome competition yet? Send us a snap of your #Janome, to win tickets to Festival of Quilts! @festivalofquilt #WIN 621659550593236993 MikeJack2610 Actually no...there is also a festival at Lowestoft this weekend too! We have put on shuttle buses to ease the amount of 1/2 621664989527584768 @Thespiderfilm LABF film festival is now open for submissions. Submit via our website. Please retweet and help us spread the word! 621684623194632192 Cinemalaya XI is a 'refresher' year for the festival to give full length entries a year to create their films. | via @zsazsa_chua 621691620715556865 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival September 4-6, this multi-island festival showcases activities for every traveler. Consider Hawaii!! 621695919508062208 I have 4 tickets for Lovebox festival for Saturday, happy to sell in 2's let me know if you're interested in buying them off me 621697863131607040 this is making me never want to do a camping festival ever lol. between the lines at forest and now bisco...I couldn't even imagine 621699243451940864 Tmro no any class. Ramadan festival vacation from Friday to monday. Advance Eid Wishes. "EID MUBARAK" 621703468076695552 @4amGas LABF film festival is now open for submissions. Submit via our website. Please retweet and help us spread the word! 621706034680332288 Wishing all teams playing in the Haven Tag Rugby festival tomorrow in Wanderers RFC the very best of luck @havenhaiti 621709596487516160 @UFFO4 LABF film festival is now open for submissions. Submit via our website. Please retweet and help us spread the word! 621713674764324864 If I had the chance to go to a festival this summer. I would rather go to Electric Forest or Lollapalooza over Gayer Horses. 621716157205204992 Unlike most of the relationships they saw at the Shakespeare festival, Paige M. and Julian's romantic night did not end in tragedy! @HSSGame 621732013637132288 #Temper last month, #SOS this Sunday..TV premier ! First release #GopalaGopala eppudo.. May be any festival special telecast .. 621738878228123648 @ottobockuk and is currently sat on a runway in Oslo on his way to another festival. Switching phone off for take off now. 621741289285926913 @TownTalkDotCom Everyone should try and make this wonderful festival in Natchitoches on Friday & Saturday 621745912189198341 Yooooooo @sfoutsidelands, only a few weeks until it's festival time. Where are the wristbands!? #anxiousinseattle 621752811039158273 Congratulations to @IntrepidTheatre for a fantastic inaugural OUTstages festival! A marvellous celebration of all things queer. 621755064974245889 A5: I walked into a festival when in Rio De Janiero 3 yrs ago. I now try to look for street fairs wherever I go. #culturetrav 621765820792881154 Who wana chill tonight at the festival in medford because im going but im going to sleep for little while because im tired 621770226250711040 after waking up in a swimming pool every morning at nass this year, you wont catch me at a festival unless im glamping from now on 621771832018997249 Top OO man Mervyn Gibson to take part in a debate with Spike Murray as part of west Belfast festival on 31st July yet they wont talk to GARC 621780897558331392 3 day cricket festival done, apart from a dead arm & broken finger just about got out unscathed, just 1000 odd photos to edit now. #Cricket 621788213791698944 The team we are playing today are playing in the Taunton festival in the UK in August. They are playing most UK county teams. 621793183631077377 @Carydar @AngelikaTexas This is going to be a GREAT film festival and tribute to #veterans! Thanks for the shout out! C U you there! 621797740880621568 is this year the first year they're holding the SF anime festival? or have i been missing it all these years 621800214572077056 first day of #pray4theyouth 4 day art & music festival got rhymesayers signed artists headlining at the social // 621805960919666688 @RubiconExoticUK Linking a drink to a religious festival.c'mon.. A good product, whatever it is, is a good product..I guess #itsjustbusiness 631492626991181824 Go the a film festival! Maybe in Cannes or at least one of the famous ones here. Get autographs! Dress up! Sparkle! #LiveBearNakedContest 632597202058133504 @StuartCamp so at the global citizens festival in September, will Ed and Beyonce singing master blaster together cause I think I'd faint 632607036396699648 needing driver take me and my girls to v festival next Saturday 22nd August from Liverpool will reward @cashpointmeets dm @mistressbutterf 632610052738822144 Having a great time in Westport #WestportArtsCouncil at their music festival, lots of great music and events.@CottageCoffee 632613045781549056 @WeAreAnimeDweeb @XeroSlayer @6s_Brother see if at an anime festival in early 90's. It's badass but the finishing moves are insane, lol 632615324374970368 Finally found my favourite place in Edinburgh - the book festival! Why isn't this here permanently?! @edbookfest @edinburgh #edbookfest 632620486065811456 Chale wote be next weekend... Ibi street festival... More street fighters go show up.. Be on guard if you're liable to a beating 632628807720042496 @PartridgeMia Congratulations #FNBFan! You have WON $50 in Maha Bucks! Come visit our tent. Thanks for participating - enjoy the festival! 632631849983082498 Organisers celebrate record breaking Chipping Sodbury festival cycle ride as 90 riders took 12-mile course on final day of the annual event 632634871622598656 Proper good crowd today. Doesn't take much to fill up that @argyle_monkey room. Might flyer the book festival tomorrow. #KraftwerkBS 632637381598965760 @bakewellbaking @iain_watters Fabulous day at the festival today. Lovely to meet Iain too on our stall #gbbo 632647323177238528 I need someone to keep my updated on every concert/festival in Toronto because I'm so slacking this year 632673125755301888 .@KristianNairn is bringing #RaveOfThrones to @ParcJeanDrapeau in Montreal as part of @ilesoniq festival! 632675493905432576 I walked around for 3 hours at an art festival carrying my Kindle in my bag JUST IN CASE I sat down at some point & NEEDED to read a ms 632678722269761540 Apparently this weekend is the hot chicken wing festival on Broadway....and Tim McGraw plays in 2 hours at Bridgestone.....traffic for days 632720561462988800 We will be performing at @bristolkitefest on Sunday 23rd August not long after midday. #bristol #kites #festival 632725340985552897 TWO OLD WHItE PpL IN AMERICAN FLAG HATS just got Budweiser in a beer festival with no less than 50 breweries 632733946296553472 @jkenney Hon,Kenney,thanks for attending canadian kurdish cultural festival in Toronto,thanks for being in kualition forces agaist ISIS, 632742312506867712 Dubbo multicultural festival is on 5/9/15 from 1.30pm Dubbo city council Carpark. Street parade is from 2pm church street rotunda. 632771441839206400 @jcortezmma @ilesoniq @ShambalaFest mehh honestly ilesoniq took the win this year for summer festival 632784752907456512 We'll be attending the Vancouver's Pet-A-Polooza, Western Canada's largest pet festival on Aug 21st. Come see us @ our booth if you're there 632950616621469696 A free jazz festival in Canary Wharf - with the odd Forex board thrown in for good measure. A bit surreal! 632958285528866816 @FoodFestsLtd @Stafflexjobs @bigscreenhudds 100k+ for the food festival? id say so, especially if we could do the Xmas Market! 632960746830360576 Just saw' I am beast ' at Edinburgh festival, amazing play about grief and loss in young people#iambeast#sparkleanddark @edfringe 632970157371949056 I love that there's a recovery house for drug addicts and alcoholics next of to this giant Polish beer festival. 632972926678114304 @MsTuffGong I was off Friday too and planned a day wandering around the festival. Ended up at adventure golf in Livingston. 632976003153965056 Can you please give a shout out to kick it radio a local radio station in sunbury also in cooperation to sunbury comedy festival 632984394362408960 @ukCupandSaucer: Fantastic day selling at the #medieval #festival #ruislip @duckpondmarket thanks for all the organising Caron and team x 632992001479147520 @Sheikh_Rehmat Make a trip to India during a festival, apparently it has different themes each festive season :) @PR_India 633001385857040384 @patheticboy69 remember when we went to Pawnee's harvest festival and met Lil' Sebastian and all of our dreams came true? 633005019441270784 @CafeWatcher @yabunonaka1 @frescoleraye He appears (in a photo from the Isle of Wight festival) on the insert in The Who Live at Leeds. 633016482805497856 The amount of money swilling about Edinburgh during the festival is crazy. Clever people making an absolute killing. 633021874478297088 Lisasin video @YouTube esitusloendisse [Forever_SHINee] SHINee ' Married to the Music' Rehearsal @ Korea music festival in Sokcho 150809 633024858817961984 Wander out of #eataly munching on tiramisu gelato into and Indian American festival. This is why I love #NYC 633027693798252544 @drdralal tea festival was on, got me some 'sticky chai', looks more like a bag of mullimbimby madness, brewing some up this morning 633049483455041536 Everyone brings Brussels sprouts hash to a beer festival to nibble on, right? #sohealthy #eatyourveggies 643855691522932741 @GYSocialMedia @heritageopenday just finished Norwich f&d festival and sprowston manor wedding show #gyhour 643862963875672064 The Burning man festival, Syracuse game, wicked, Edgar Allen Poe festival, and charcuterie festival! #AltimaWeekendContest 643882538579152896 @FideturAcapulco is there going to be an #Acapulco Galleon festival this November? If so, which date in November? 643885872409145344 Hey it's JT Bosch! I'm ready to see it all go down! Our iHeart radio music festival this Friday and Saturday! #iheartradio 643893778160447488 the apple festival needs to come back so i can give those people who grilled the crab sandwiches all my money again 643918119212347392 @Andy_Staples @harrisonquinn90 @sbell021 @ChrisBurke_SI pshhh... Austin City Limits doesn't hold a candle to Montgomery hoedown festival 643926962197524480 Guyssss do u realize that the arabic festival or MAHAR 2015 is just 1 month left?? #roadtoMAHAR2015 #MAHAR2015 #ArabicFestival #IIUM 643932238522945536 We are headed to NYC for the San Genaro festival on Friday. Any other suggestions for stuff to do in the city? 643957711978127360 @Brocklesnitch you should know, I have had an idea for comedy festival. I will be sending a carrier pigeon to you soon. 643963233649475585 oh hey just to put things in perspective, a 1 day festival ticket for Woodstock 69 was $2 cheaper than my lunch at Baker today. turn down. 643971667262357504 @HStGreatSt I'm looking up info about the H st festival, I'm not sure if I missed it, but is there a phone number of someone I can contact? 643982614894784512 So I went to the fringe festival in Scotland for the first time and all the flyers that they gave me are now covering half my wall fun fact 644161241414369280 @rohan_connolly @YouTube they have a live show from Reading festival on YouTube from a week or so ago recorded by BBC. Very good. 644167086240079872 Thx #IsabellaLovin for signing the #women4wash declaration. Now it's time for @SweMFA to make a commitment at the #globalcitizen festival! 644179977362100224 .@matteorenzi @JohnKerry #Merkel come to #GlobalCitizen festival to show support for food security & nutrition for 500M people @RegSprecher 644191531671375873 @BBC6Music Fave festival moment was listenin 2 Jamie XX play Loud Places on Park stage @ Glasto - amazin! Love Beautiful Days festy too 644194146215817216 Hey @shutupskippy! After the @foofighters concert, check out #davesnothere @peevespub #lovealocal festival on Saturday. See who rocks harder 644196698831589376 @jon_bois got alcohol poisoning at a beer festival in germany, parents took a cab to the hospital because the trains had stopped 644202991537537024 Must show you adorable Kisum & Jidam showing us the poppetry of K-Hip-Hop festival, one of the best things I've seen in 4ever @thefullDANce 644221980766507010 Thank you to our Media Community Sponsors for spreading the word about the festival @Cbadmag and @ranchandcoast #LaCostaFilmFest 644225105674022912 Met the legend DJ slipmatt in VIP area of United festival at Finsbury Park,very humble,no attitude seemed a nice Normal guy 644238292737740800 Don't forget to bring any tins to the LRC tomorrow for harvest festival! #RavenHouse#StJCommunity @LlysLlewelyn1 @LlysCaradog @HywelDdaHouse 644241367028240385 So, at some Mario 30th anniversary festival Miyamoto revealed Mario's last name. .....Mario Mario. THE MOVIE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG?! 644246731065061376 I actually have to choose which festival I want to go to this year. Either Mysteryland or Sasquatch. This will be a tough decision. 644249866504269824 @iamkawehi I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet when you were in Portland. Thanks so much for being part of our festival. 654761290573832193 @Maverick_AC WE are right behind you buddy! WE love the festival you put on, and are loyal to the brand! #DownloadForLife! 654808297967476740 In any case, come on over to the David Lam Auditorium tonight at 7:00! There's a festival favourite award, so pick one that you like most! 654816580182781952 @Merc_Media I will not be there because I get nightmares (seriously) I will be at the @imagineNATIVE film festival though to see some films! 654829944908845057 This shouldn't be surprising, considering many of you probably signed onto the meaningless petition against the Yulin dog meat festival 654844015066546176 All the best for a great festival @SFIndieFilmFest! Our film, Songs She Wrote About People She Knows starring @arabellaboop plays Fri/Sat. 654849408161345540 Left the house at 6:30am and while I'm home now, still working. Welcome to NC Oyster Festival Week! #ncoysterfestival #oystersonmymind 654857113525727232 Cannot wait for Seven Lions' festival mix of Falling Away to come out tomorrow. Been waiting forever for it 654865912567365633 Progress! In 1885 Hill Valley had guns to check at the festival. Tonight at Radio City's orchestral #BTTF, I saw folks check Hoverboards in. 654879541261824004 @bmthofficial 2016 soundwave music festival australia my wife is going 4 our 5 yeah anniversary can she meet you would be her dream 654905111735435265 @Gurmeetramrahim #LoveForMSG2 Everywhere around looking like a festival from till the movie is playing in theaters 654910326912106496 Mumbaikar's Gift yourself the best phone this festival season Uni store Ghatkopar Nyasa NX chembur #MyNewiPhoneIndia 654934291219152896 Post @IndyManBeerCon, if you want to support an independent community beer festival, buy a ticket for @salfordbeerfest. 654941392888799233 Big weekend @BSRUGBY 1st XV play @cantrugby U9 on match day experience with @Sammywints89 & @sean1989e then Minis festival Sunday! #oneclub 654953665917120512 @SamsungMobileIN ans ) One can bring interest in dull life by celebrating Navaratri festival wid gr8 Gusto #ChangeTheWay #GalaxyS6edgePlus. 654963604094087169 Almost ready to get underway at @KILTR street festival at St. Andrews Square. Excited @EssentialEdin #Edinburgh #food 654970087070420992 I'm busy planning my trip to Europe ;) on 21 November I'm going to a festival in #Venice because I love #europeanfestivals 654977861389066240 They've got a new album out, and they've literally just announced two festival headline slots. Its Iron Maiden. 654992164347219968 I wish @RixtonOfficial is the one performing tonight in our city's festival!! #MasskaraFestival #BoomingBacolod 654997817975554048 Welcoming @NUstudents @TeessideUni @sportsunderland & @newcastleuni tonight for prematch development festival! #grassroots #rugby 655018214678593536 @tressayeomans @maximummom going nuts now. Errands and getting ready for a Halloween festival tomorrow. :-) 655021316223967232 We're looking at One-Act plays to perform at festivals next year. Any recommendations?? #Festival #Theatre #OneActPlays 655035352659423232 @WaterstonesMCR I have a ticket for tonight's Gollancz festival, but can't make it. Is there any chance you could put aside a goodybag...(1) 655041483569893376 They said, a festival themed Insider/Outsider is no festival without @TenzinTsundue and we shouted aye! Tibet in India on Nov. 27! #ILFDilli 655054021380718592 Next #workshops? #Baroque #festival 24/25th Oct #brecon contact @brecontakepart for details #masks #feltmaking 655064144006270980 oh my god the other day at the covered bridge festival i saw two moms wearing jacob hoodies i screamed 655064399040786432 Why This Kolkata Durga Puja is The First of Its Kind in The World: As Bengal decks up for its big festival starting Monday, one Durga... 655069233836130304 I would also like to invite @wusa9 to the Ghana Embassy right around the corner , tonight for the launch of Ghana Music Week festival 665876849701085184 Its been a great few days of enjoying beer and good company thanks to @Theshipandmitre to a great 3rd beer festival thanks to all involved! 665907249592844288 Missed #AZ #hiphop festival? No worries, jam w/ @PrettyRickyBSF @LivewireAZ tonight. Call 602-300-3000 for a ride 665937583092932608 @ChagoDyne @Azflip I'm just a block away from the peanut festival .... and I still havn't gone. *facepalm* 665943803270930433 Dont miss out Nov 28 Edgarfest music festival in Leicester for @edgarsgift multi venue event..check out @EdgarFest_UK for more info 665949888312647680 Brilliant day at the Midlands CB festival. Great talent. Trials will be very tough in January!! #wrugby 665951995145031681 .Its going to be filled with great vocalist and instrumentalist you wouldn't want to miss d jazz festival #CapitalJazzExpo2015 665964602115629056 @benjamin_cook ...I don't know what that means...hmmm... The abstractly talented international naturalism oratory festival? 665983799885475840 My son Christopher Stanley is co-producer of a Christmas Horror movie premiering tonight at the R.I.P film festival in San Fransisco 666002787721981953 Thanks @winchesterRFC for a superb minis festival today, we all had a blast, some great rugby played and in a fantastic spirit #rugbyfamily 666029340140810241 Spend a wonderful day with my sister at the Athena festival today. Now I'm off to shop. IKEA here I come 666044591494164480 @ThatErectWalrus yes we spent the day at the Renaissance festival all day and all the females were dressed this way 666099883372249090 @HDL_Global if you see ,anybody could say against festival or occasion ,remove it immediate ,Don't tolerate it first remove leader of media. 666110030085808128 #Babishai2016 sub-theme: Teaching poetry to children and question of age-appropriate poetry and its accessibility #festival, 24-26 Aug 2016 666160537785364480 Our Tamil God lord muruga festival @drtamilisaibjp @PonnaarrBJP @actorvijay ... Every one worship and get positive energy from son of siva 666171113613991936 Molefe: This is planned maintenance. We will also have a maintenance "festival" during Dec. This will be scaled down in Jan. #Eskom 666194208970141696 Its going to be filled with great vocalist and instrumentalist you wouldn't want to miss d jazz festival #CapitalJazzExpo2015 666195981696933888 @StudentflightSA the great festival of Rio, the beach parties of Fullmoon Party and VicFalls new years beauty. 666205397158641664 Southampton school's gymnastics festival today. Our coaches are providing taster sessions to lots of budding young gymnasts! #GFA #gymnasts 666230997059575808 Looking forward to the "Celebrate Bandra" festival beginning on 18th. Carter Road is already buzzing with activity. @CelebrateBandra 676570002925813760 Off in the morning to Belgium for the #Kerstbierfestival -- the Belgian Christmas Beer Festival. 178+ Belgian Xmas beers! 676581315076972544 @PennsylvaniaPro when you're a block away from the kutztown folk festival but you've never been because for once kutztown gets crowded 676644299652501504 @Hoopdawg87 to the casual punter it's insane. anything over $120 is a tough sell. $80 is about my concert limit. $140 for festival 676655496812695552 #GR2016 Please can anybody recommend a close, cheap hotel or B&B for the festival? Is it hard to get taxis at the end of the night? 676666094212399105 Music, film moguls back Asbury festival: Last year's small-scale inaugural music and film fest was considered a huge success. 676676023325331456 @courtney_ro I wonder if there's now a gap for a smaller, Aus-only Soundwave-esque festival. I'm sure there's enough bands and audiences. 676689489062825985 Sucks that it looks like the end of @soundwavefest. That festival is Christmas for all my pop-punk and former emo friends. 676701562102788096 Durban summer festival at kwaMashu fan park tomorrow baby #Chillaz #SyahambaLestimela sotholana khona ke 676727493827633152 @QasrAlHosn we understand that the work has already begun for the festival. Very excited to attend it as always! 676740505787604992 @WhatsOnGlasgow @ccfest @kyleannecarey Arriving a few days later but hope to see you at festival. #CelticMasters 676749056543096833 @shubh00700 Did you know? #BEVC15 is the first festival in Asia to be held on an airstrip. @BacardiMusicCDs 676751078260510720 @TheBanginBeats @tiesto @SunburnFestival #BanginGiveAway #SunburnArena #Hyderabad I am dying for the biggest crazy festival 676752707642789888 If the music isn't enough to give me goosebumps, the knowledge that #BEVC15 first festival Asia to be held on an airstrip. @BacardiMusicCDs 676798383286259712 @JohnLegere how do we get @TMobile to sponsor @sbnstartupweek a week festival for entrepreneurs in our community 676858499696074752 @kingOMI In the coming months, you will see new initiatives from HQ to assist in finding a carpool or a bus to the festival! #EF2016 676876670360506369 @CallMeSpits Yep. Our local folk festival is really good. Everything from Mali to Ireland to Mexico to Czech Republic. 676885410140803072 People who have attended #Sundance with a Working Press badge, does it make covering the festival a lot more difficult? Kind of bummed out. 676900820407988226 @momofilmfest I'll try & finish a project in time. It's good my side thanks, had a great year. Yourself? The festival getting good coverage? 676908582181462016 @bradleybaldus @sororitynoise that's so awesome dude. I played a festival with them two years ago and they were amazing. 676922016709132288 "Spanish FLY" was just accepted to Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards #documentary #filmfestival #festivalrun #Chicanorap #hiphop 676933447563264001 @emilyann_music also I live in Smithville tn home of the fiddlers jamboree & craft festival every year on the July 3,4,5, 676943509040025600 @Takahata101 Life Day was chosen to coincide with the Imperial festival of Coruscantalia, y'know. The real Wookiee Jesus was born in summer. 676982337217896448 Turns out acting with some professionalism is more important than being a cool twitter guy when organising a music festival. #soundwave 676996353927589888 K nvm bc Jen pulled a Sheamus and brogue kicked me in face and she became the undisputed animal crossing Amiibo festival champion 682640011808911360 @FredericMugisha Its new year's festival Semafara would have gathered his wives and children for a mega festival. #WhatWouldSemafaraDo? 682666535861747712 @coyknorth @dancingbear76 @1HowardWalker @DavePunton I remember seeing it at Gatesheed garden festival as a kid. Nowt more exotic than that. 682697381633077248 @gumpelmaier No subsidies except festival presentation after invitation to Moscow, then also German Films. 682708958293979136 Why can't headline a festival in Dublin and not Birmingham there's no way I'll be aloud fly to England 682720480600678401 During #his time in Friedberg, Elvis lived in nearby Bad Nauheim, which, since 2002, has held an annual Elvis festival. 682778032789188608 Yeah animal crossing amiibo festival is boring as fuck. Glad I'm drunk to play this for the first time. 682789985771065344 NYD at MONA - I'd back it in the only music festival in Australia with Aesop hand wash in the bathrooms 682826442443481089 What Roman festival did the Jews celebrate on their calendar? How is it that these things cannot be seen? The world sounds to convene... 682860876265865217 Happy New Year from #Tenterden Folk Festival. We are already planning for this year's festival so watch out for more details very soon. 682934988627558401 @Ravinesque nooOOOO I love Animal crossing and I want amiibo festival...is it as cute as it looks ;;;;; 682980108542459904 @seanmcelligott6 more 2 ways are needed. not sure abt. parades on Wash Ave, but hopefully dt recoups more festival activity, etc. 682988715103358976 @bswatridge @oliversilvester @OliverSpry @Matty_8_lives @MattEFro Im up for the beer festival. I can't think about beer right now either! 682998962027008000 During his #time in Friedberg, Elvis lived in nearby Bad Nauheim, which, since 2002, has held an annual Elvis festival. 683016264919453698 @JonCSimpson Congratulations on your book success! Lovely to bump into you a couple months ago at the Indie Lit festival. :) 683027115294326784 @modernglitch ughhhhhhhh im so upset!!! she came to my town and performed like 3 years ago but i was at another music festival rip 683046780255207424 @NorwichCityFCBR I'm not sure when the popcorn festival is. It's just something they had advertised on their water tower. 683054972909568000 @The1980sGirl Happy new year 80s girl, just found out Haircut 100 and Bucks Fizz are playing at our village music festival in July. 683077787511472128 [makes my character in amiibo festival land on only negative spaces] My No Mercy run of this game is going great! 683089651939192834 After spending 3 days at a bass music festival I feel like I have no idea how to dance to rock music now. 683100532676890624 #FlashbackFriday ....chillin and watching the @iheartradio Music Festival 2015 on the @CW_network #iheartradio #iheartradiofestival 683122026001764352 aug 30 - got to attend @Bestreet festival in LA w @meielika and got to see @Soulection live and meet my fave producer @BeatsByESTA 683207405165912064 Well done to the Falls Music and Arts Festival team for pulling off one of the best festival moves I have experienced. 683213332430610436 It's the weekend-which means lots of time to catch up on all things media diversified! Firstly-our new literary festival-follow @BareLit 683254394947768320 @DillonLerm #FREE #platform #upcoming #artist #singer #LGBTI #festival #Knysna #PinkLoerie email: john@pinkloerie.co.za 27April-1May 2016 683263502379778048 @Dior #showyourcolors #LGBTI #festival #Knysna #PinkLoerie #sweetsixteen email: john@pinkloerie.co.za 27April-1May 2016 683275706671984640 @Mooivaalmedia #showyourcolors #LGBTI #festival #Knysna #PinkLoerie #sweetsixteen email: john@pinkloerie.co.za 27April-1May 2016 683336888120406016 Just submitted my first short film to a film festival! #fingerscrossed #filmmaker #filmfestival #nashville #swipingright 683350299063513088 Really good day for the 1st XI squad at the pre season festival. Some impressive individual performances and excellent team ethic. 683423566956773378 @locomotion2012 Cheers hopefully ready soon will you coming to #Dram16 in April or the new festival in September @spirit_speyside 683445592115134466 @mikebairdMP festival organisers are responsible for drugs in music festivals as much as you're responsible for drugs in NSW #commonsense 683455181351174145 @CedricRichards I'd love an outdoor hip hop fest...a jazz festival with top tier artists. It seems all we bring in is sugary pop or twang. 683463063585034240 #edfilmfest The longest continually running film festival in the world. 70th EIFF will take place from 15 to 26 June 2016. @edfilmfest 683482186943741952 uma parada estranha ... tu pega qualquer video de festival de eletronica, no meio da galera sempre vai ter pelo menos uma bandeira do brasil 683498863454339073 If only your automatic festival payment plans helped build your credit score... Fuck all of you could buy a house. 683515679530565632 @TakeltOrLeaveIt MARCH in Texas is awesome and let me know if you need SX info.. It's not like a traditional festival...You need a game plan 683529238465523712 @NerdyXRose Why was he stuck with this idiot again? The school festival was coming up and he and Tose had been assigned to be on the -- 683546897580163072 Hello @UPNEPA, we don't owe you books, you couldn't make it to #AkeFestival and giveaway was for people attending the festival :) 683576777227149312 Nalalapit nnman ang fiesta ng san pablo, or should i say Coco festival 2016 yay! 1 week celebration nanaman ito! Ang mga bakla rarampa nnman 683589474450681856 If only i could go back in time to Woodstock, the day Jimi Hendrix just killed the the whole performance, stage, festival, year!! 683598760295936000 @Morojuraye LOVE!!!!!! It took so much willpower not famz her shamelessly like an idiot at the festival :( 683612828633268224 Remember that one interview in germany or austria before a festival a lady was intervieving Janove and he was all chill!!!!!- 683622455605252097 By the way, there's a cat video festival on the night of Short Stack & Co. and we all know which one is winning 683632428586528768 @TSB I had to get my card blocked cus I lost it, but I'm due to be charged for festival tickets, will they still be able to take payments? 683643239467896832 @bumblefoot thanks man...for follow me back...btw I saw you played at Jakarta blues festival....you"re awesome guitar with fretless guitar.. 683654412028399616 @jae_baeday6 why am i talking about the korean festival at the convention centre THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE DAY6 PAMELA WHAT U DOING 683681033104035840 @leefest Applying to position as Marketing Manager! Determined and passionate festival lover who can't think of a role better suited for. 683694841428111360 TIL: The first #GoogleDoodle was dedicated to the Burning Man festival attended by Google founders in 1998. 683703965796679682 @kevthepunter not sure why they'd go straight to festival. Not good enough for graded races and too high in handicaps. Coral Cup maybe? 683728702669062144 @ArtoftheTitle @VFXSociety BLOW OUT is so under-rated. What a film festival you could have, just from Zsigmond's work. 683737991035027456 @Spike_is_Gaijin oh yeah it looks like the drummer Nick.Floyd jammed onstage at some festival with Zappa around then. The boots on youtoobs 683748442275983361 Her laugh erased all lines drawn in the sand and dared to hold a festival in the middle of a battlefield. #STMDRL 683776058638884865 @Iron_Astronaut Side-note: Why can't there be a film festival remotely near us? Would like to see things while they're actually touring... 683784705511014400 i love the edm scene so much. literally told someone it was my first festival & they said welcome & gave me the most genuine hug 683793446906261504 @bill_stiteler , hey thanks for asking! I would but performing at #AmericanRealness performance festival that night. 683835351966720001 So excited for @VAMFF too @LukeDennehy - love the venue change. I'm all about the #northside @WeNorthside #fashion #festival #arts #design 683850818815176704 the fact that I'll be in Thailand for the full moon festival the day after my birthday is fucking awesome 683863956688113665 "Oh I'll be back for that. I wouldn't miss NITC for the greatest film festival in the world" -@RyBell10 #myman 683880554622681088 From a good festival, to being dinged and car stalling then waking up to rain n mechanical issues. Thank you week one of 2016 683891068513816576 @CholericCleric @octotus @sriram_12 now that I have that out of my conscience's way, what would a JP do on goat festival? Save it/kill it? 683905702411120640 They are at a festival celebrating different cultures in this movie. What are they serving? Tortilla chips in a sombrero. 683922013790982144 I had a dream last night that one direction was like an indie pop/alternative band playing at a festival haha how random 683938478434861056 @dhanyarajendran It was banned by castest Brahmins because it is a festival of Shudras. I bet you are a Brahmin yourself. @UnSubtleDesi 683947869938778112 1 week until @AltitudeComedy festival! Went last year for my stag do so looking forward to being more aware of what's going on this year... 683961278117838848 @AnnaShave Thanks for the follow Anna. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 683975261210017794 @iamUnysse16 This year my dear magkita na tayo maybe april ano ? Mag set tayo sa festival mall alabang para matuloy na 2016 na hahaha :-D 683984357078339584 @ayantot19 not til the last day of the festival comes. not til MMFF says so... thats the time na mniniwala ako sa claim nila but until then 684001699078483969 @DarMur9983 a week long festival.......Id be dead !! looks quality tho. draws decent acts too by looks of it #TiredThinkingAboutIt #Quality 684015425609461760 Come to the conclusion how good 2015 was for me while getting excited for Lost & Found festival this year. 684031394712924160 @AdrianChen Seemed to me filmmakers showed prosecutors playing media like an accordion at a polka festival. 684041528822517760 Ung nagyabang sila the first day, suddenly at the end of festival they were like, NGANGA! #MBLColumbiaZoned #BeautyAndTheBestieSecondWeek 684053018505904128 Gearheads tend to dwell over tech specs. Dynamic range, bit rates, colorspace. Storytellers win festival with a phone. Slap. 684088489407832066 @FieldTrip Can you guys try and pull some strings and get @lcdsoundsystem to play at the festival this year? 684098787292348417 @zoeftjanya aha, im so split because Panic are at slam dunk festival and i want to go but BMTH are touring but i cant afford both ughh 684107908158746624 Neelix loses his clothes at a music festival and must navigate though a field of short-tempered puritans. Tom starts a bubble gum business. 684121978446286848 @ZBerry3 it's the equivalent of going to the renaissance festival and getting so hyped when your sides assigned knight wins. 684130178939752448 Sana wag nalang din magpagamit. Baka nga mas successful kung out of the festival solo movie nila, sampolan ng ADN power! #ALDUBComplicated 684139021912522752 Corridor festival debuts in Seattle with Rene Hell, Sarah Davachi: The new day-long event later this month comes from experimental co... 684149714246340612 @MyBodyIsReady96 Great Ape festival (PQ52) is the best Exp farmhouse lol! My female Majin is almost on par with my first Saiyan char 684159554242756608 @jtimberlake @conradanker he said it was inevitable and that they had met each other at the 'Meru' festival, and "that's awesome 684164548417470465 @AidanKerrPol Are you factoring duration of 11 day Amsterdam festival accom, submission/accreditation fees, cost to ship and screen prints.. 684168491256119298 2/3 "... A festival that's dedicated to bringing local authors to readers in the area is not only a brilliant idea..." 684178056991404032 1) I loathe clubbing. Too many dumbasses piled up into one place. That being said, however, I'd gladly do an EDM festival or 2. 684199268240867328 @DaiLightSavings I was nice to a guy once at a music festival bc he said I was pretty and he wanted a pic with me and then he grabbed my 684204073696886785 I honestly wish I could prance around the country half naked going to every festival I could ever dream of with my parents credit card 684206465557479426 You are a talent?a crew?You want to be Next Supper star in Hollywood?Submit to our festival.We will help . Submission is open from 10th JAN 684208049184047104 @dinahroseohh probably my all Tom favorite festival. It's like like Coachella but a better venue and weather. 684210665733529600 Eh. Smaller festival lineups are so much better. you're paying &100s on a weekend and only the last hours are the good part. 684211664451940352 @ivegottatheory it's hard to be an actual music lover, there 100% for the music (and maybe a free bag) at a festival these days *sigh* 684212975729651712 It's cool to see Sheer Mag on Coachella but the lineup is terrible and the festival is way overpriced. 684214325335191552 I'll tell you this about Coachella: it's a festival. A festival with bands. Lots of bands. And smelly people watching those bands. 684218938704539649 @DekkerHaley nobody ever wants to go cuz they're like "oh folk festival ahh" but it's really not at all what they think it's amazing 684220792629014529 Someone get these festival lineups and upcoming concerts out of my face. I don't hate you I am just so poor right now AGAIN SEND HELP 684224273922179072 coachella lineup sucks lmao the festival is trash now it's embarrassing I'm upset I never got to go when it was cool 684226976870174720 having seen most of the modern day festival circuit bands idk if any big fests will be worth it this year 684233779834036225 Did you know that you aren't required to like EVERY single artist on a lineup in order to still go to the festival? 684238324807024640 Coachella would be worth attending just for LCD Soundsystem and The Last Shadow Puppets. Anyone want to sponsor me on a festival trip? 684243053897367552 I feel so at home at festival or a rave (or whatever you call them). when people tell me they love the energy i put out >>> 684248671936856064 @dril why did they leave in the first place? What are their plans? Will they be at the harvest festival this weekend? 684253793345781760 The year is 2056. Holidays are non-existent. All celebrations now center around Netflix releases. Today is the festival of the Fuller House. 684274924593242113 @EileenGrubba Hello! Could you tell me when the reception of movies will start? I would like to participate in the festival. 684281382898552832 bro jus wanna see 2005 download festival Slipknot show and early 2000s Sum41 show + a show shortly after CHUCK release 684308165475840000 Guns'n'Roses; LCD Soundsystem; seeing who from Sufjan's crowd stays for Ellie Goulding - Coachella is the festival I most want to go to ever 684314838294728704 God damn, Coachella is just some shitty music festival nothing more. Most of the planet doesn't care. 684338072029388800 The struggle between festival line ups being revealed, and not having a clue what I'm doing after this final year of uni... 684345993584885760 @cmhammo and then saying they are a black person. Another perfect example is *coachella and almost all other music festival* ~fashion~ 684352437956644864 We have sound equipment for any size production. Having a small house party or putting on a festival? Either way we have you covered! #TSH 684361456318550016 Thanks the house panel of MMFF will look on the prob of Honor thy father and the tiket swapping during the festival. 684367448917676033 yung steps niyo sa festival na puro luhod, tapos bigla mong naalala yung sahig ng school niyo. r.i.p. tuhod 684382554972008448 @gmanews Is this why we have congressmen, to investigate this film festival. There are better law making endeavors. Election time na Kasi 684389201958178816 @YsabellaJuson omg YSA I think there was a Latin festival that happened in Bristol yesterday. DO U HEAR ME CRYING? 684417373177253888 @acupoftea in the dream I was going to a rock festival and had to hide my new ear penis with my (head) hair to get into the venue 684423125333741568 Good to see The Joy Formidable on a festival lineup. I hope that means they're about to release a new album. #itdoes #justcheckedtheirsite 684432844605775872 "So have you finally found someone?" "No but I won a competitive film festival and I made a 3.50 GPA worth of grades this semester." 684438200329175040 Music festival season starts in a few months but guess who is still gonna have to wait 1 mor year before their parents let them go? Me. :)) 684446951568445440 Hace solo unas cuantas horas un festival internacional saca a relucir su segundo avance y nos dejaba boquiabiertos 684456367873257472 @nimkoali @natashalunn Happy new year lovelies! Lets try and meet up for drinks soon ish - maybe WOW festival if you're both there? 684466045697024001 Why does my kids bedtime routine always feel like we've just teleported ourselves into a mardi-gras festival? 684483147598290944 @WritersofColour @BareLit really looking forward to discovering new authors through this festival. Good luck! 684492265637556225 @DwightYoakam plays a concert Saturday, April 16, during Pikeville, Kentucky's annual 'Hillbilly Days' festival. @LeeAnnWomack will open. 684499555728015361 @reeltealuncw Did we make it in? #SiriSailTail is still listed as "in consideration." Hope to see you at the festival if we can;) 684534250276827136 Get excited for our fall festival October the 17! We will have beautiful sunny weather in the 70s and it will be loads of fun #FallFest 684543998271336448 One month out from the Abbgalian festival of Art and Music, hoping all of you are in attendance #visitabbgalia 684552042937888768 With festival season coming Its now my goal to have a DJ play one of my songs. About to give it 110%!!! #festivalseason #edm #playmysong 684567415741657088 @mai_nakanishi @ShannonLark @AshleyFester @HeidiLeeDouglas @kekeartinc What date does A Favor play? Is there a festival name/program? Thanks 684577226755563521 @nightiscoming Just do what I did and watch all the gay supports on youtube. and like, 90% of that one festival DLC, that was gay af 684594382113079296 The actor who plays Seamus Finnigan in Harry Pottrr is coming to Loveland in November for a festival and I am in literal tears. 684602354012917760 it's been two years since I went to my first rave and bought my first festival ticket these two years have shaped me as a person SO much. 684607576365907968 Nutella-palooza is a totally nuts festival dedicated to the tasty spread: If you're in absolute love with Nutella and think the delic... 684622787584114688 Disappointed the "Really Big & Awesome" summer concert festival deal fell through brah. #kroenkecomplaints 684649453370892288 @ShaadiDotCom #ShaadiConditions She wants me to celebrate every festival with the same love and I truly agree with her on this. 684660868391383041 @Gurmeetramrahim g !WOW ,people are amazed 2 see this outstanding passion !asking ,is this the craze for any movie or festival ?#WowMSG2MSG2 684672928877817856 @bmthofficial I hope you guys come back to Louisville this year! You were the highlight of the Louder Than Life festival for me!! Amazing!!! 684685039733452800 If Guns N Roses are doing a festival in the US then surely they must be doing one in the UK??? Please???? 684706036926824452 @antbell7 @TrippyPip @ninjamoose101 @HRHJillMcG jump off a bridge then. There's a perfect one at festival park. 684717971495718912 Hi @zurichfilmfest What are the requirements to send short films to Zurich film festival and how to tell how the short film.Thanks 684744606362251268 @fern_dell I'll take a look - I need to add an events page - got quite a lot coming up with the BC arts festival in Feb too. Happy New Year 684760520524730368 interesting, that @XLR8R @dgtlfestival festival at the NSDM werf location is at 10 minutes by bicycle from my home. 684764789936009217 @paarthbuch @adityalakhia great to know :) but person hs to b in #gujarat to celebrate the festival :) ) 684773209649053696 @ManiaTheMovie Many congrats on the AZ festival award. Are you planning to get it shown at any UK events? 684787367232704512 Untuk 2015, antara SBS, KBS, MBC, MAMA, music festival MBC the best. No bias, camera, audio, timing, performances, songs managed well. 684795018175905792 @beermonkey to me, meaningful interaction with actual brewery staff at a beer festival impacts how likely I am to seek that breweries beers. 684800265262743552 start one. It's a life long dream to one day play at a big festival. If y'all are serious on making this happen, message me. 684807395931848704 i had a dream matthew gray gubler and i fell in love @ a music festival and we had this incredible romance filled with secluded getaways 684814868801662976 Wait this isn't a festival about rape? > no you idiot It is now! THEY JUST DIDNT KNOW GUYS. RESPECT THEIR CUSTOMS PLZ #Cologne 684821488654876672 @lijthegolfer @franky_ocean47 2012 was the most perfect lineup I have ever seen any music festival have 684826810832388096 @CT_Mickey_Man @YoPaulieNJ been there many times,live about 15 min away.HOF festival is best time of the year 684832372538265600 Free Cash And Cane: Tamil Nadu Government's Pongal Gift: In flood-ravaged Tamil Nadu, the upcoming harvest festival of Pongal could b... 684842387458363393 Nationality of heainers @ my city's festival: 2015 - Dutch 2014 - Danish 2013 - Danish 2012 - Finnish 2011 - Austrian I hope you what I want 684849547365990400 @iMuff_Dive69 when you have multiple artists, multiple stages and art installs, yes that is a festival 684854948173987841 @cherina82 which festival? and yeah u meet a lot of new ppl but i think i like small shows better. attendees are more similar 684861008758857728 Officially a @CAMRA_Official member. Will I simply redeem my free Spoons vouchers & beer festival entry, or really get involved.. 684871898006568960 best of 52 sets/july. jones family singers. sondorgo. dustbowl revival. winnipeg folk festival. weber brothers/times changed/double drummers 684878562894086144 during his time in friedberg, elvis lived in nearby bad nauheim, which, since 2002, has held an annual elvis festival. 684887982302703617 you must really love a plot of land to buy a ticket to a music festival you don't yet know who is performing at 684908139280375809 @DrakeWhite Thrilled you're coming to Australia but bitterly disappointed I'm not going to the CMC festival. Any other Aussie gigs in 2016?? 684917015874768897 Here. We. Go. Music fans rejoiced Monday night when Coachella organizers revealed the complete lineup for this year's festival. With 685002970388299776 Just caught my lovely paediatrician uncle on the news. Dressed as Las Vegas Elvis, and on train to festival. Never a dull moment with Bruce. 685009527792513028 @festivalhall just realised tix for foals can't be presented on mobile. Is there anywhere to print/sort this out on site at festival hall? 685023618053492736 @HatoKings When spring comes around, plum flowers will bloom and the shrine I'm placed in will hold a festival. I'm looking forward to it~ 685035949093343232 @bhash We humbly invite you to speak at Bullzire-Shri ram College of Commerce's financial festival.Kindly provide us your email id. 685044442710028288 @Reactive_PT Thanks for the follow RT. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 685049616274948096 @nicodelort Like it seems to happen at the Cannes film festival every year and the media plays it out in exactly the same way. 685065148424269825 @miramrd mase tu ade photography festival kat klcc. Time tu harga promotion. Beli filter je mira. Ade wide filter tak silap. Murah jugak 685090220383973376 @sydney_festival @dancrhodes - my festival tip: seeing a show at #sydfest is even better when you frock up! 685097098589540352 @thewombats So you owe, one of which due to the state's circumstances, WA two festival appearances, lads! ;) 685103775141376001 literal na nag overload utak ko kaninang mapeh jusko sana nagkaphotographic memory na lang din ako kakamemorize ng mga festival 685111274741567489 @alessiacara since you're hitting the festival circuit this summer, any chance we'll see you at Bonnaroo? 685119533267419137 Same thing every year. Coachella first to list and national (la) media acts like they've never seen a festival lineup before. "OMG SOLD OUT" 685126674887913472 'Sore Point' has arrived to Krasnodar, South-Russia. Weather is pretty warm (+2C) compared with Helsinki (-24C). #festival #touring 685137683572781056 #DidYouKnow every August thousands of festival-goers descend on Hylands Park for the V Festival. #Essex #FactOfTheDay #Chelmsford 685143983941644289 @midtownlunchLA @BlondieBrownie @ultrateg Ha! You'd better have a LOT of free time if you want to produce a fried chicken festival.x 685152558642540545 The festival is one of the most celebrated festival in Lamu town it is key in conservation of the WHS @citizentvkenya @ntvkenya @moscakenya 685171168010203136 @Rachelklingg get them there's no way they'll have a bad lineup it's the only festival on Memorial Day weekend now 685177272710512640 Fav memory of 2015: seeing HARDWELL live for the first time In miami at bayfront park for ultra music festival @ultra #iamhardwell #edm 685188282200797184 I just realized that Animal Crossing amiibo festival game for the WiiU ruins relationships just as badly as Monopoly does @TrampolineTales 685193106677878784 I look forward to the day I can share my own reviews/film festival acceptances. In the meantime, I appreciate my colleagues' wins #indiefilm 685203669789310976 @vickiedoherty @marksandspencer Like waking up in your tent on Day 3 of a music festival. Grass and disappointment. 685217525248962561 @Tapmanpan @itsbearer Australia is pretty far for this guys .... Let's just have our own nutella festival in London 685225771355471874 @BetfairCS can you find out wen betfair will hav the betting up for the Irish trained winners of the Cheltenham festival 685233800155119616 @EboracumRomans A festival dedicated 2 Eboracum - like the sound of that! Obviously if you need security, can be only 1 choice #eboracum 685240864055144452 @greendervish My man @thewarrenhaynes is from there. I know he plays a festival there every year. I thought that was it. I may be confused 685249212561375232 @thethermals @saddlecreek roughly what is the postage to uk? If you're playing your fave(!) Austin festival in March can I collect?! 685274674272571392 During his time in Friedberg, Elvis lived in nearby Bad Nauheim, which, since 2002, has held an annual #Elvis festival. 685295479937085440 A festival cannot happen without dance!! The event is OPEN FOR ALL. #MyCityMYFestival #SabarmatiFestival 685304767711547392 the funniest thing probably was my father calling summer while she was at a gay pride festival my dad is homophobic 685317973435899904 Ballyhoo, a celebration of art and culture, March 5, Gulf Shores #art #festival #poarchcreekindians #beach #gulfshores 685324343627272192 Hobbies include: Getting tattoos Paying for overpriced festival tickets Eating 9 square meals per day Hockey 685333355341070337 OMG Nutella festival is going to Adelaide looks like I'm going on an adventure #flying #nutella #adelaide #adventure #yummy #cantwait 685340728969588736 @vikatan Pongal is very spl festival especially with Jallikattu.But need to make some rules & regulations to avoid injury.Be safe Jallikattu 685357437478514688 Shorefest ditched metalcore and turned into a weak indie/alternative festival. I won't be going anymore, very disappointed :/ 685364190979047424 @IndianExpress Its a cultural festival over many centuries or ., if any one has knowledge of creating or changing, any calendar years.... 685371808833343489 Cong govt banned Jallikattu (bull taming) festival for being dangerous and cruel. 56 inch BJP govt revoked the ban! #KamzorPradhanmantri 685390356037406720 Well done people, you've made it to Friday!! Why not treat yourself to a luxury motor home for your festival fun this year? #Jan16 sale 685398551891951616 @Cameralabs Hi!There are no ticketed areas, the festival takes place in public spaces so you can use tripods as you normally would in London 685407402099871744 @_jocardwell that did look mad! She'll be everywhere though, try lovebox in London in like July time- such a good festival! 685413944710705152 @mimei @PDRnotPDS grimes is coming to a music festival in singapore but i can't afford tickets RIP ME 685422863080226816 @ShekharGupta Do you even know what this festival is about? Sometimes, I wonder who gave ya'll that job that you do...!! 685432077718798336 Meksiko punya festival unik yang bernama Dia de Los Muertos. Dalam festival kematian tersebut, warga Meksiko akan berkumpul bersama 685450543704227841 Take me to an EDM festival and kiss me when the beat drops and the fireworks go off. Lmao. So romantic... 685456975375765504 Film festival Jan 29. I will be there on the red carpet with @stevebelford1 for the premier of his movie "Jane" 685463859214336000 @CosmoandDaquiri Sandra, who represents coal boats on RCTA? Want to find out which ones plan to attend IWA festival in Aug. 685487139019206657 @oculus I'm interested in a promotional opportunity for Oculus for an electronic festival in late February.Is there a channel for proposals? 685495515379843073 Film submissions for our 2016 festival are still open on @FilmFreeway. Our Late Deadline runs til February 14th, 2016. #FilmFestival #Film 685513196472385536 @katzrc @wsdot_traffic @mikeroweworks I'll betcha you'd like porta-potties if you were at an outdoor music festival for, say, a weekend. 685520827534671873 @notch it teases and teases, you should come to Boom festival with us in August if you like this! :-) 685525549578588160 @WyeMonkey @RichardAENorth @owenjbennett He's not an expert on libel, he's just a member of a clown festival with more money than sense 685530051371241472 I'm the saddest 19 year old I know, don't bun, never been to a concert or festival apart from carnival n I go clubbing twice a year 685537004520476672 might go to a color + music festival with kyla on april and i am so pumped up i really wish we can go because it looks absolutely fun 685542523046117377 Flashback to leeds festival with the boy shouting at John Lennox to shut up and John just hysterically laughing (had to be there) 685546581169430530 I feel like I'm keeping up well with music when I can identify bands named at the bottom of festival lists. Take that, you young punks! 685557782603522053 Seldom been at a music festival where every woman, man and child had been so adorable. And so effing talented. #Normafest @elizacarthy 685564501744304128 @christinegeraci oh, i answered ... turned out he was looking for a performer from the festival (fest's page) ... i hooked him up! 685602343493201924 Governors Ball music festival might be one of the realest lineups ive seen in my life. Getting tix to that ASAP! 685634605580300288 Tamils never compromise. If central didn't lift ban, sure #jallikattu would happen on pongal festival 685648667831697408 @portmusselfest Please let me know what date the 2017 festival will be as I have missed out this year & would like to book the next. 685660305804890112 @flower_boho I can appreciate authenticity at any music festival...Cochella is in April with some genuinely hip people. 685669550164160512 Just got in from #Day1 of @LSFF - great to see some old friends @ICALondon and looking forward to another great #film #festival 685679736438140928 @mrtonymartin @thegregfleet any chance the two of you will come over for the Perth fringe festival #westisbest 685690740207423489 @Kattt_pick @nikkiskowron this is so dumb. Would you have to keep renewing every year then for next hear's festival? Like a subscription? 685706591807602689 @volleynyan trickstar = fireworks set, undead = halloween, akatsuki = festival commanders, 2winks = clown, fine = circus 685741050552438784 An 8 day music festival experience in the middle of the dessert where thousands dress up without judgment, making friends, partying, etc. 685752138631229440 We never get these kinda of acts in Perth like ever and the fact that the only major festival we having going is GTM is FKED. Bye 685767968425402368 @yourhealthremed Thanks for following #tribalheartsfestival, the new natural parenting and lifestyle festival in Bucks, UK! 685777719011872768 @boff would you consider giving up this twitter acct? I am trying to start a short film festival and would like to use it. 685790920520941568 @thekeeper2014 @kcrewders @BBCYork @JeremyBuxton the basement york city screen - comedy and literature festival 685802500683874304 600 followers reached. Thank you! Going to see an iconic venue to be part of this year's festival next week! More news next week. 685821161611997185 @Sportskeeda It's just Perth scorchers B team, in front of der iz a crocodile festival. Be careful guys, all the best. 685830136717955072 Don't miss 2nd Saturday, Downtown's monthly urban festival, taking place this afternoon and into the evening! 685840918801440768 . @ArmchairPseph and let all Hindus prove that they are Hindus by participating it this festival. @KingOfWinter_ 685851482080571393 I'm supposed to be going to an ice festival today but it's 46 degrees out and I'm not sure there will be any ice 685860689106214913 @tinycombatboots I don't think young thug, as a headliner, could engage an entire festival crowd...only his crowd. 685866935339368448 Summerfest will probably still be shitty in comparison but other festival lineups (@coachella @GovBallNYC @LiveAtFirefly etc) give me hope 685874825689051136 @Brendan_Shively bro if one of us win we are putting on the greatest festival of all time. Even greater than WayneStock 685879208426389504 Already tired of festival house lol going back to my roots and only listening to some drummy tech lol no not Oliver Holden's type "tech" lol 685884307068579840 i'm gonna keep all of my animal crossing amiibo in-box now that i know the amiibo festival game is trash. 685905533572792320 When I win the powerball I'm throwing a festival with @ModernBaseball @FreeThrowEmo @STYGoc @p4trickofficial #NobodyIsInvited #Selfish 685914157397458944 @karleegreyxxx @GovBallNYC it's literally gonna be the best festival I go to this year. THE STROKES ARE HEADLINERS!!! 685922026066984960 @ssteffieeee @a_meza_ing 2016 is the year of food festival. What drugs do we take? Wonder who headlines .. Dj Mustard ? 685934483716071424 I've gotten hit on twice at this theatre festival. the fact that I know that it's happening is very telling of how obvious these boys are 685945436142727168 @DaftLimmy do you reckon you'll make it down to the ol melbourne town for the comedy festival this year? would love that 685956817411637248 @EdmontonTourism Just checking if we had to purchase ice sculpture festival tickets in advance online. 685966067332587520 @photosSMH @sydney_festival @EdwinaPickles @waynecoyne What a shame the beautiful Sydney Festival shares the page with Ugly news cycle spin. 685977597738627072 submissions for my friend @ericbizzarri's film festival @futurefilmshow open tomorrow at 7pm! check it out! 685987327332646912 i know i haven't seen my maw in 13 months but i cannae go to the st kilda festival because she's coming to visit me #terribledaughter 685998164105641986 Mirando el festival d cnel suarez, provincia bs as,muy bueno el festival,saludos d cnel suarez #FestivalesEnTVP 686006250216140800 Catching @BreakinGroundTO's #urbanmyth at #NSTF is definitely the most Fun with a capital F you'll have at the festival. Congrats all! 686019717946040324 and apparently after the large-scale festival thing, the second is going to be "larger than anything the taken king has ever seen" 686029066412109824 if the only thing u and ur significant other fight about is which musical festival u should go to I'd say ur in a pretty gr8 relationship 686039761761513472 #FestivalesEnTVP Desde Suipacha estamos mirando el festival en la casa de Coki Melo un saludo para todos 686124148200833024 One of my recent tweets were favourited by both a Pizza festival account and a baking account. People have really weird uses for bots. 686139333972066304 @Mjhucknall Lead Belly festival Feb 4,2016.Eric Burden.Got 857Likes on SR when I suggested you sing Spill the Wine.You could pull it off Xx 686154258740150272 #IfIWinThePowerBall i will create an inclusive woman-led music festival w proceeds going to girls orgs and LGBT+ orgs. Feat. Janelle & Bey 686177034591166464 @realdonaldtrump @chucktodd if its sunday its Face the Nation Chuck Todd is a yawn festival. no Tim Russert 686191261829693444 I feel like going shopping instead of treating your ill patients when you're a doctor isn't the best basis for a shop festival radio ad 686200963934195712 Bengal known for it's Durgapuja, but this year Mamata government put ban on Pandals for Muslim festival. Shame on #IntolerantMamata 686212987237957632 Yg mau tiket gratis nonton bali reggae star festival 2016 terus pantengin kita ya #balireggaestarfestival2016 #balireggaestarfestival 686227959313608704 @aelizabethb1 Eurovision song festival is a very strange, because singers fr outside Europe participate in the contest,Turqie,Israel,Austral 686240149739552768 @mattysgay [us performing at a festival] interviewer: we're talking to newlyweds matty and bones- us: ha what. we're just bros. good bros 686259816621182976 When some special festival is happening to you right now but u don't even give a shit and thinking about life still need to go on right? 686268481797500928 @BuckAngel he's a troll who tried to tip off the IDF about me when I was visiting Palestine for a literary festival 686276767296794624 @MadmanNZ is BNT coming back for non-festival theatrical? Missed at @nzff and would love to see it big screen! 686285982736453632 @the_racehour done everything asked of him impressively so far bt price gone & keenness could be worry come festival - no NAP yet #racehour 686292428609945601 @svhoorn NOS-festival smaakt naar meer; zoals afgesproken next meeting in Beirut-Bourj Hammoud begin mei? 686302696266186754 @blurryphil mine was at a festival so it was different i just got in the crowd 4 hours early and got a good spot 686313271872196608 @Angela_Wolf I was born in Saginaw.I remember the Linwood Ice festival,there were people driving cars on the Ice. 686331346499809280 @swanseagas Field Day is a festival in East London where people who take a lot of cocaine go to talk over an incredibly fantastic lineup. 686342472742662144 Imagine having a sudden family death & your "friend" is mad @ you for not paying for the festival twice & ditching the funeral for her bday? 686363005269880832 @DallasEDMFamily I mean it's just a one day festival and Disco Donnie really isn't in the best place financially 686372516781232129 .@FoxNewsSunday interview w/WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough a festival of ducked, dodged and otherwise unanswered questions. Obnoxious. 686381915360915456 @PunkyStarshine yes. A short film I made is premiering at a new film festival that day. And idk many NY people. And can't be there. 686390511435931648 @thekiralynne @Alaswan "Trial by Fire" screened during the festival between Feb. 10th-14th. A complete schedule will be available soon. 686424257736278017 I get the same feeling at an EDM festival, seeing a game winning buzzer, or hitting on a girl, or solving a math proof, etc. Curious 686438391446024192 Yo @cedricbixler_ are we ever gonna get any official word on ATDI supposedly playing this festival in Ohio? no news is good news? 686452248671555585 @j_edwards_photo I'm totally freaked out as I'd only covered the Bowie festival in Dublin last night. Still in complete shock. 686461858132410368 Papa and Mama were fighting today, too... And they promised they'd go to the festival with me. Why are grown-ups always so mad? 686473128634007552 @imJericGonzales sana po punta kayu ng iloilo for dingyang festival were so exited to meet you guis @akosiKenChan 686493670984519680 @emmersonsound I'll be around for the R6 music festival in Feb. F4 and @FullCycleRecs will be playing. #Cbd oil can help with #sleep 686503009061322752 @TimDeLaughter can't believe it, Lazarus is heartbreaking to watch. Remember the spree doing 5 years for the festival he curated. an honour! 686513247214682112 @VanathiBJP mam jallikattu s not Hindu festival,that's tamilian festival.come to my taluk manaparai all Christian villages doing jallikattu 686521862935941120 @nicoletta_lucia more than I want it to be. just look up tortuga music festival on Google and click the first link.it'll tell you everything 686537076645445632 NOS-festival was super leuk! Erg tof om alles een keer achter de schermen te zien & horen! #NOSfestival #60jaarNOS 686547372596400128 POLAROID wins best foreign short at Idaho Horror festival! Living in NY? Grab a seat at @PhilipKDickFest , it screens from Jan.14-17 686555024479105024 There is a yearly beer festival for bearded men in Portland called 'The Bearded Brewfest' and is the only one of its kind. #BeardFacts 686563834769838080 .@mattdelapena Congratulations on being the 2016 Newbery Medal winner! We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival in October. 686577794449567746 Had a (few) cigarette's with Bowie backstage at festival we both doing..spoke to him for about 30 mins..he was gentleman & humble... 686585802558697472 @GeekingOnMusic rock and roll suicide. In memory of a free festival. Man who sold the world... the list goes on 686592071688298496 Florence and the machine and Head and the Heart are playing the same music festival and guess who wants to blow $350 to see it me 686595191072014337 At least Rangers accepted the billy boys was sung against Hibs, Celtic statement completely misses out the IRA festival at Stranraer. Sweep. 686602415810846721 Really tho you have never seen me happy unless you've been to a show or festival with me.. #itslife @tcamp52 understands 686611081750540288 @littleblodie123 actually thought that we would be camping in the car park, for the bassline festival.. no comment. 686618906362916864 Danon E. and ConnorBall's short just got a standing ovation at a film festival! When's the sequel coming out? @PlayHollywoodU 686626503858208768 @EricP__ @thuggnasty_xo Okay so? If you're at a festival its different. Its not like she's walking into public like that. 686632811042881540 @Joe_Reyes67 tejano music is not popular bruh. This festival is a money maker. and they want artists that will make money 686644872510607360 hello first time joining looking forward to sharing and connecting #Music #Event #festival #contentchat 686651663176699904 @NielsenCurrent Amneville is a lot harder to find on YouTube but T in the Park festival should still be there. 686657970822852609 So honoured to play at the @RNCMvoice strings festival with the amazing @LElschenbroich and the fab @ASitkovetsky last night! #Brahms #RNCM 686666737803247616 @ConsciousCrafty We are now taking bookings for stalls at the Festival on Saturday, 30th April, contact info@diversityfestival.co.uk 686670376726728704 why the hell would anyone go to the festival at Clock Town, that shithole is full of racists and weirdos 686676142305185793 music festivals fucking suck now. 8 years ago every festival used to have its own unique headliners and acts. BORING. RIP festy tour 686680821718204418 @garymarks214 don't remember but the best song Bowie did memory of a free festival written in 68 featured the brilliant Rick Wakeman 686690084960256001 @FoodFestFinder We are now taking bookings for stalls at the Festival on Saturday, 30th April, contact info@diversityfestival.co.uk 686707796520341504 @emmyray44 Spain! We should look for a festival or something fun and go together!!! Bc I'm never here during breaks I'm always in Spain 686726177210429444 Very chuffed to be curating a comedy tent again at a prestigious music festival this summer. Amazing line up sorted. Watch this space. 686737422143602689 Excited to get to go to electric forest this June! It'll be my first festival, have to start it off the right way! 686745653393928192 What's the best brand of adult diaper for standing at a music festival all day to wait for the headliner? 686754540150890496 I have a feeling @goldenvoice will put together a better lineup for the new festival in New York compared to @coachella 686764199276482560 I think it's really sad that if you miss a music festival nowadays, it feels like you're missing out on life. Like really wtf is that about. 686778043264806913 Having to skip all the way to the last line of festival lineups to see if there's any artists worth going to see #hipsterproblems 686792897384071168 aye I'll never forget the Outskirts festival when Lucki came out and performed 3 songs for 10 people.. half of which were my friends 686803757397508096 @GovBallNYC please hook it up!! Would die to attend your festival and would fly from California to come see that 686811814185832448 I also realized I'm better off with just one person at a festival/show. A group is still gr8, don't get me wrong. 686821760860340224 The Supreme Court has put on hold last week's government order lifting a ban on Jallikattu, the cruel bullfighting festival in Tamil Nadu 686831308660543488 @MaMoLeCoCri omg a festival that sounds so much fun ahh i wish we had more festivals here it's pretty boring where i live 686838723472838656 Anyone in Jaipur currently? Need help getting the trophy for my short from the Jaipur film festival home... 686847155823198208 I go for an hour long walk today and five @TheMcClymonts songs play while on shuffle. Must be time for festival again! @TCMF_Official 686854262966599680 @HeyIts_Lauren Thanks for the follow. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 686866742790901760 #PM Narendra #Modi begins addressing the 20th #national #youth festival via video conference at #Naya Raipur. 686873145777733632 @belfastdesignwk Thanks! it was a pleasure working with you all, can't wait for next year's festival! :D 686878474938667008 It is surprising and shocking that TN Govt wants ordinance to overturn the stay granted by Hon SC for celebrating the festival of Jallikuttu 686884687076147201 @ExitFestival can't tell you how happy we are to be part of the festival this year, exit has the best of the best reputations, bring it on 686891301862674432 @PonnaarrBJP Sir...#WeNeedJallikattu Special Ordinance to conduct jallikattu ....stand with tamilian culture festival pride... 686898459685842944 discovery - special bpm festival - 3 channels alphabetti spaghetti - originale mix - #solidforset #techno 686905680268279809 Was gonna list all the East Asian films at the Gothenburg film festival, but fuck me backwards on a steep mountainside, there are too many. 686910615399448578 Morning Marketers! #martinlutherking day is one week left. Are you ready for your festival promotion? 686916762328264704 @shell568 I really thought they would want to get it finished before Edinburgh festival, and the Falkirk High work is already running late! 686925675484168192 @sid_hogwarts Sir, knowing our politicians the second step will never happen! I am a Tamil and I feel sad as this is a unique festival 1/n 686933788778196992 A summer music festival on Randall's Island... what a totally novel idea. Screw these greedy AEG/Coachella d-bags. Support @GovBallNYC! 686940005978128384 very reason it targeted specific religious festivals, where as leaving even more draconian n brutal festival out shows selectivity n bias 686961367367061505 $265 for a 2 day festival tho not including travel costs or a camping pass which is $765 so like $300+ per person is god damn ridiculous 686965044928737280 The best part of living in Europe is the ability to easily fly to another country to attend a cheese festival. Stockholm, see u again in Feb 686970679762227201 The only thing that's gonna help me decide on which festival to go to this summer is if Porter will be there. No Porter no me. 686975007549976576 @PoetryDivas also, hooray and respect for connemara festival doing a poetry comp. I'm not entirely cynical! 686981104239259648 cause I definitely wanna go to edc and prob another festival or concert, or maybe even do a weekend getaway 686983597568344064 @Gurmeetramrahim #MSGWishesHappyLohri wow Pitaji aapke saath Har festival celebrate krne ka dil krta h... 686990622163599364 @tony_calvin @32RedSport would be very interesting indeed to see does the firm attract loads of 'fair trade' punters for the festival 687000368652398593 #MSGWishesHappyLohri Thanks a lot for ur warm wishes and pious blessings on this festival And make this festival special 687010695213400064 @Danny10Carr @OCAD @ThomasKnights watch this space #LGBT ginger festival 7th-9th Oct theouting.ie #KissAGingerFest #KissAGingerDay 687176665370390528 @joe_selva1 . @Maya76111 can u explain me? wat is tortured? its tamil festival! if u hate tamil ppls ... fuck u... 687183473417703424 We are supersuperunbelievably excited with the festival season coming up. Catch us at @adelaidefest, @unsound, @perthfest & @WOMADelaide! 687192078372200448 @guardian So non whites? Racist as fuck. Let's have a whites only festival and see if this leftist rag trumpets that as proudly. 687199378776313856 @VidyutJammwal Today is Lohri it's an Punjabi festival n I m Punjabi so pls come online n give me urs sweet wishes plssss love u lots my luv 687206876237266944 Super BGM #DSP this festival is an absolute treat 4r nTr fans Every1 must watch the movie u really enjoy the thrill #NannakuPrematho 687211925126557696 SaveTheDate 15th-17thJAN #MumbaiBazaar TheBetterFlea Don't miss out on this spectacular 3days #fleamarket festival at MMRDABKC @ola 687216985361481728 May this festival of lohri fill Ur life wid lots of energy,may it bring happiness n prosperity Happy Lohri! #MumbaiWelcomesRG 687217573314740224 @kvdevelopers festival of Lohri is Punjabis' cultural celebration which marks the culmination of winter by worshiping fire. #CelebrateLohri{ 687223326088015872 @Ricktw1tter exciting news this morning with summer dates please make my day and tell me you're playing at Belladrum festival this year?? 687229184897355776 Vanmiddag weer plannen maken voor het festival, 3e weekend van september. Eventueel zin om mee te doen? 687251472883400704 Comedy is now unaffordable Luxury in #Haryana..although most natives of it suffer from grim, tragic,constipated looks,even on Holi festival 687257848070443008 @anhusa Please help us share natural health and wellness information at Awakening Into The Sun festival in St. Petersburg FL Mar. 4-6, 2016 687266264910151680 @GolPuri @IndiaCultureGoI @pray_ag @tourismgoi pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by farmers in Tamil religion.understand it please. 687280603302084608 When you buy a festival ticket just to see one of your fav artist. Then you see them announce another festival in your own state. -.- 687286670450802688 Boomerang launches crowdfunding campaign, it is aiming to raise $100,000 to support the cost of the festival. #myefunder #crowdfunding 687293025257525248 The students who are hope to attend the Galle literacy festival please inform to piyumi before 11.00p.m today. Please inform quickly. 687297094227505153 @chriswhite_1973 - this is the band I was talking about. Saw them @d2dnottingham festival. Amazing @bodeganotts @calledWHITE 687302385803341824 @RoanntaFari thats my point boo. Africans were not realized as anything in Society so we aint deserve no kinda festival... 687308306612789249 You know what would be awesome? A big pop music concert/festival in one of these huge parks/stadiums in MN. 687321964348850178 @Channel4Racing @PFNicholls did he beat Straw Bear Sweet Wake and Beuno Vista in yhe Supreme at the festival one year around 2001? 687329281987461120 @RosalynWikeley Pls can we have your email? Want to send some info about our festival @TheGoodLifeExp, co-founded by Cerys Matthews. Thanks! 687341624205131777 @LittleKyuubi_ went to the beer festival in London a couple of years ago and it was so funny to hear the smash and people shouting about it 687346722356465664 could you imagine if @bassnectar created his own festival of the artists he chose?!?! the possibilities would be life altering 687351779151998976 My coworkers leave work to go to the gym and nobody says shit I'm about to go to a festival on the clock then shit 687355806438719488 @BeckyLynchWWE Today is #Makarsankranti festival in India. Wishing you Happy Makarsankranti from india. #FutureDivasChamp 687360312815816704 @ames068 these are the awesome festival toilets @whennature for the @IsleOfWightFest #besttoilets #IOW2016 #exciting 687367289759387648 @cocekbrassband hmm . . . good question. The sheldon, Evangelines, and the #Gypsy #jazz festival I run (but has no funding . . yet!) 687373535853940736 @xCarlosEMendez premieres later this month at a film festival in Utah. Indeed, it is me! You'll find it interesting :) 687380437807677441 @SpencerClements if you aren't going, I need to make up my mind on which festival I want to go to.... 687401059539660801 @Yeasayer magnificant video and super song look forward to see you on best kept secret festival in june 687408040476303361 @justinxreese wonder if they'll work when my phone batter is dead because festival @coachella @hereplusme 687412211522879492 Dance, Bonfire Mark Lohri Celebrations In Punjab: The festival of Lohri is being celebrated in Punjab on Wednesday with traditional f... 687414400958001152 @Gregor31 @tdl123 looks like the twitterati will need to gather at this great festival, 2017 gives us time to scrape some euros together 687422702324453377 All these tours and music festival lineups are being released during the brokest time of my life. Inconsiderate. 687439905753030656 @chrisisinnoho do you do any charity work during the festival? For example sending the list to a non-insider such as myself?! #taxwriteoff 687450261179248640 Starting planning interrailing tonight with Carys & I'm beyond excited to book everything! Got our destinations sorted & a festival! 687456664958681089 #FestivalesEnTVP desde Parana Entre Rios mirando el festival en familia Facu Agus Benja y piti los amo 687460536280195072 Happy Bhogi. Pongal starts. Heard that Chennai is covered with fog. Not at all good sign from weather point of view #festival #fog #winter 687465669743398912 Unimpressive women everywhere like a boring Catholic nun ice vagina festival I don't understand how you even had sex with me 687468962511065088 #DhanuJatra was famously known as worlds biggest open air theater festival. Please visit Bargarh, Odisha, India this jan16 @ArtofLivingNow 687471279276953600 festival lineups have been deteriorating over the years it's so tragic i can't even look at the Coachella headliners without crying 687479034213617664 @narendramodi A very good morning to our beloved Pradhaan Mantriji,wishing you happy harvest festival. 687482575527481344 Special festival greetings to people of Assam on Magh bihu..!! I dream of visiting North-east specially Assam #festival #maghbihu 687486864966692865 @oceanian #DhanuJatra was famously known as worlds biggest open air theater festival. Please visit Bargarh, Odisha, India this jan16. 687491126027132929 Today the festival of magi r being celebrated. So I wish for my whole dears. This day would be enjoyable for all. Congratulations to all... 687495873450803200 Wish you a happy Lohri, MakarSankranti, Pongal, Bihu, Khichdi, Uttarayan. May this festival brings prosperity and happiness in your life. 687500401357131776 @narendramodi Modi ji only you can help to uphold the hindu culture of Bull taming festival and if you cant then nobody can help on this 687504138930884608 @DYFI_coimbatore Happy Pongal also i wished!! It's same festival different names in different states! 687514808300736512 @goneintheforest festival owl has been pretty much spot on man. Can't hate on someone who has been right so far 687527293045075969 @ChrisHawkinsUK lost in music- when hot chip started playing Harrache lights at the 6 music festival last year. Big love 687534925411647490 @narendramodi Thanks to remember Telugu festival BHOGI. Wish you happy BHOGI and Makara Sankranti A N Rao 687535728968859652 #No Bornfire this lohri to save environment. Why attack on cultural festival of Punjab? #LootJhootKejriwal 687541716048568320 In the queue outside walk-in clinic at GP's. Doors open at 8. Some guy has brought a fold out chair like at a festival. I pray for no poi. 687553064589340672 Nowadays, Can't diff the normal and festival days. intha office over ah nammalaa keduthu vachi iruku... :-P 687559121529249792 #RajiniMurugan - 3.25/5 Perfect film for a festival.. Sivakarthikeyan is completely in the zone and Soori's comedy works after a long time.. 687559452346589185 Snapdeal Launches Real Estate Shopping Festival: Online marketplace Snapdeal today launched a week-long real estate shopping festival... 687561887819689984 Hi @Micarlo_LM2509, the final programme for #CTIJF2016 will be released closer to the festival :) The 2nd announcement was made last year. 687567416000253954 All should Join the activity with @Tata_ValueHomes RT their pinned up tweet and join the festival alongside India. #IndiaCelebratesPongal 687573065648058369 @DmitryLysenko3 @shyam88leo @PetaIndia First learn about this bulls, why we have this festival and game.We have regulation to avoid cruelty. 687577293099806720 And yet some of the highest prices for tickets of any festival in the UK! Well demanded, @PhilipPullman 687584919032172545 Join the magnificent development by @Tata_ValueHomes and be a part of the festival #IndiaCelebratesPongal 687589181426536449 @Tata_ValueHomes take festival from different urban areas to Chennai. RT their stuck up tweet to join the development #IndiaCelebratesPongal 687597563940241408 This time on festival of Pongal join @Tata_ValueHomes by RTing their pinned tweet #IndiaCelebratesPongal 687603448397836288 @lapsusdigiti Haha yeah my feelings exactly. I watched the movie at a film festival, read the book, stretching that out for... 687612280595415040 My sister is going to a Vegan festival in February with her friends... she's not even Vegan, she's going for the free food. 687618806684999680 @ANI_news @WordSnort Hindus shud leave the peace loving ppl alone in the days of Hindu festival. becharo ko shanti se rahna do 687630036195774464 @KevinboikorCT Magnetic was sadly canceled for reasons beyond our control.We'd love to throw another festival, maybe 2016 will be the year! 687645579204165632 @TheRealDonnacha Best thing that happened at a festival last year was having to watch Pixar's LAVA immediately after it. Jarring. 687650541371920384 kalo ada barongshai jadi inget ifan s :| seneng liat dia ikut festival barongshai pas imlek...sekarang? ntahlah... 687655955694129152 .@FrankieBallard will perform at @CountrySummerCA on Sunday, June 5. NorCal's biggest country music festival is June 3-5. Tix on sale now! 687662272705990656 Wishing all my friends families well wisher &critics a very very Happy&Healthy MAKAR SAKRANTI #HINDU festival 687668237694320640 Dr Krishnasami's argument is not good.Then Why to celebrate Pongal festival .Leave it too. No Pongal No temple thiruvizha Nothing. 687680881595670528 @RafSattler @nataliepersson I don't think I can survive a festival without buying some sort of meat filled bap 687686603167428608 @lauriefeig Are you over in London too? It's tricky to dim the West End lights during a Luminere festival but here's hoping... 687699679216320512 Odd AD of Celtic Connections highlights for festival include at least 3 cover bands. Nothing original Scotland? @BBCScotlandNews #music 687704626104287232 @Bonnaroo stop making your shit so expensive who wants to drop 400$ for just the ticket and parking pass of a festival? 687709750587330560 @Gurmeetramrahim MSG !!You have taught us to celebrate every festival with full zest !!we will be indebted to you forever #LetsBringPeace 687713605379174400 I can't wait for the moment when @Midnightasaurus performs at a big festival and plays Wall of Death. That mosh pit will be so insane 687718571405881344 Cheeky gig tonight in Glasgow Union doing monitors for Jack Lawson. Celtic connection festival staring in earnest tomorrow. #fiddlesForDays 687722763885375489 This way you also save money on travel expenses for the authors, too. Yes, the festival generally has to cover that, too... 687764968847048704 The only solace is an Alan Rickman film festival this evening. Perhaps start with Blow Dry. Move along to Sense & Sensibility. Gambit.. . . 687769838643621889 Yooo can their be a 2016 festival with a diverse lineup AND good vibes this year? Bc all I'm seeing is diversity at large basic fests 687775157633564672 I bet a lot of aurora fans feel jipped that she's not in festival of fantasy but Philip was basically the star of that film, I'm happy 687782510072336389 @nellbelleandme @utterbiblio @samatlounge &the spirit & ethos of the festival! which has made it so wonderful to be at too x #ILoveChipLit 687798902750183424 Wishing that this festival brings good luck&prosperity and hoping that it is joyous&fills your days ahead with happiness.happy pongal 687802969568366592 @usatoday2016 maybe,give it that festival feeling,booths walk around,drink,sell cookies drink,get a few more people,or at least seem like it 687813868366630912 Celebrating #pride at the @midsumma festival this Sunday. Stop by and say hi to the Merri team. Freebies, info and smiles 4 all #GLBTIQ 687818590095949824 #HappyPongal to all Tamil Bro&Sis.May this festival bring your family bountiful happiness and a prosperous year. @ABVPVoice @ABVPTAMILNADU 687824816527679489 Sankranti, the festival of the Sun is here ! May it bring you greater knowledge and wisdom Happy Sankranti ! 687827579416412160 Unlike other festivals celebrated by lunar calendar calculation, the festival is celebrated on the 1st day of 10th month Bikram Calendar 687832580960333824 Check out the international ice carving competition this weekend on the lake at the Chateau Lake Louise part of the #SnowDays festival. 687838861947486208 @megaloyalfans north tg lo ayithe pandaga three days non veg a,ayina festival roju non veg lekapothe ela asalu 687843744842924032 Would just like to say that I never win anything so the fact that I won these festival tickets makes me so happy I love music 687847292179746816 In Gujarat, #MakarSankranti is known as #VasiUttarayan. It is the festival to fly kites, made of paper and bamboo. 687853189928861697 Wishing pongal festival make the hashtag #happy pongal as the TOP trend in southern. & I wish u all #happypongal. 687858098514587648 Hello friends ..............wish u a Happy Makara Sankranthi ............enjoy ur festival. -- Magx Chroma. 687862012127281153 Happy Pongal to my fellow South Indians! I really wish I could eat sweet and savoury pongal right now! #pongal #festival #sweetpongal 687881696826404864 @city1051 #citypress some rats are like tenants in some compound,they even hold festival annual but we shall overcome lassa fever. 687887541261869057 @FuckColm three day festival that once had amazing acts is now dominated by electronic music it's sad; those are all great acts though 687892246226677760 @chetrisunil11 We will be glad to have you at KJSCE Skream, Mumbai- Our national level sports festival from 5th to 8th February,2016! 687897458668617728 imagine getting one of those VIP passes to that film festival and just chilling with jmo I'm actually emo 687912190867804160 @AadhiOfficial Wishing you this festival brings good luck & prosperity & fills ur days ahead with happiness. Have a wonderful Pongal :):) 687918380901203968 The bread festival @FreshMenuIndia continues....because "not hot, but fresh sir - nenne evening madiddu" :) 687924274871533570 Hi @RajaBrar_INC Happy sankranti / pongal to you & ur family. Have a wonderful festival and weekend to you. 687926625040728069 Just danced to stay alive by the fugees then that turned into a 3 hour throwback music festival w/ Allen lol our bond is bomb asf 687937999569588224 A Wichita hotel tries to recover from a data breach. And a big Kansas music festival adds several acts. Find out more in minutes on #GMK. 687944083986321409 You know you need to get out more when you hear the rugby festival on Sun is cancelled & you feel pure euphoric joy. May have made my week 687948833809154048 Latest: #Trustech has signed for 5years @ #Cannes Palais des festivals gathering ca18000 participants. 29th november to 1st of december 2016 687951118828204032 @HenryGJeffreys I see the headline now - 'Pull man pulls out of literary festival'. Schadenfreude - no one ever asks me. 687955834719047680 @Eil_ok Thanks for the follow. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 687961724604051456 mybad, he literally filmed it before the miaopao festival, i thought it was a rehearsal. y'all prbs knew. 687967271260524544 @Gurmeetramrahim #MSG2StillRocking papa g apka har festival ko wish krna yhi show krta h ki ap har dharm ko manne wale ho...thnk u papa g 687984711277281281 @EJapanese Both of you look so sweet, In India, today is a big festival calls Makar Sankranti.kites flying day, today. 687997648243159040 @AlyandFilaEgypt Karnak The pyramids are done. Time to think bigger. How about a #FSOE produced while flying to a festival? Higher in sky!!! 688002065193418752 I was lucky to be one of the 4% of BAME writers who got to do a literary festival last year so I can't really talk. But it was weird. 688005627453554688 Happy Makarsankranti "Til gul ghya god god bola" Share Sweets, Fly kites lovely festival Happy Pongal to all my south indian friends 688007717454217216 Light festival bathes London's landmarks in beautiful colours: Last night, Lumiere London premiered in the capital with more than 30 ... 688018484090040320 Want to try delicious Jewish food at one of #RVA's best festivals? Come to @WeinsteinJCC Sun & Mon for the Jewish Food Festival #rvadine 688028373348671489 @feedthedrummer @callummay @JustinWelby It has to be the Sunday after Passover, which is a Jewish festival,& has a movable date! 688034590552944641 @henryfong are you coming to a UK festival this year? Or at all?? If not... change your schedule... please 688042529623818242 Looking forward to the meeting with the producers of #LumiereLDN tomorrow followed by checking out the beautiful visuals #art #festival 688046946359980033 @PrajwalDevaraj @dasadarshan We also watched SPL movie for festival Ratha bandre gaali bisutthe.. E Airavatha bandre birugali bisutthe. 688052333993922560 @Spinitg don't you go telling us this now. We all have our festival pot riding on the first tweet last night :) 688074716247142400 Is this luminear light festival necessary when there is one going on already with thousands of taxis with their orange lights on?;-) 688078013913821185 My dad said he use to listen to electronic music in the 80s so I introduced him to EDM and now he wants to go to a festival. 688082549264928768 I feel like you guys should know... I bought some titty tassles for festival season. Ya know, to kinda gauge how hot im coming in. 688088630573678592 my friend is at Panama City, Panama right now at a music festival. he's living the dream. like he's such a free spirit I love it 688111984986865664 This whole convincing every1to go to a festival in the summer is going about as well as my grades have been in year 11, absolutely shit 688129413351784448 falling in love with the undercards hiding on festival lineups is my favorite winter activity (hint: you should be listening to Cabinet) 688141532474417157 @celiordie prolly not cause I have mandatory army training some of those days. but Ima go to SN music festival 688168222277828608 Relative to population @Darwinfestival has the highest participation rate of any festival. #situateart #illshowyoumine 688176490198904832 @GoldenMakoto Nah, I'm going out tonight with friends to a chip music festival. Hopefully we can play soon though! 688186358007910400 @ANGLOLANIDORA @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 teka lola pupunta ba c alden sa sinulug festival? #ALDUB6thMonthsary 688193738611408901 k i sound lk everyone else but i need it to be festival season so i can play under the sun w my fav ppl and cool tunes :/ 688204512553652224 @MiguelMorell2 I think catering company actually pays festival for the concession and makes its money by selling its food to the crowds 688213139574267907 @Ford__EL @felipepercha "Their War here"-MOS flashback "Is she with you"-WW, "May I help you"-Alfred "Day of the dead"-Mexican festival 688231149156499457 Another reason is why pick on this cruelty alone? Why not stop eating meat? Sure I'm all for it. However,equating food and annual festival? 688239605368291328 Hi guys, My Movie , KIRUMI got best movie award in CIFF.... Chennai international film festival Happy to share this 688249153596461056 Hell is being trapped at a music festival surrounded by sweaty dads while Genesis plays their discography over and over and over 688273779634536449 akala ko ay sa accounting ako magbabayad ng para sa musi8c festival un pala sa oras ng event ako magbabayad. 688288727588667392 wow okay so i'm going to swce on 16th july and then citadel festival on the 17th and apparently graduation is sometime in late july as well 688298196271939584 We wish this festival brings happiness, good fortune and health to you and your family. #PongalisHere #saturday 688306347671158784 #Bo #Exodus 13:6 For seven days you shall eat unleavened cakes, and on the seventh day, there is a festival for the Lord. 688316699825848321 Excited to see #T4TFilm at @RichMixLondon today as part of #ZealousX. Only hearing wonderful things about the @zealous_co festival. 688325413173510146 @Aiharra @Ienasabrinaaa @nurvmirvbhdin @zera_hariz mumy nak pi kl festival ni tgk mubie. Jom na. Ghinduuuuuuuu 688335780289363968 Wintery walk or cat on lap and festival planning? Wintery walk wins for now, then back to blanket, cat + festival admin! :D 688345049352962048 Gusto ko ung outfit ni hopie sa talong festival simple yet classy nd super pretty as always #DolceAmoreNewTeaser 688353739019804672 Homestead Music Festival today. 5pm start. #alexdiazrecords #outlawcountry #alexdiazandthewanted #livemusic #originalmusic #musicfestival 688361786886746112 @informalias @Hari_Ram_Nai correctly said... Any religious festival celebrated on road shud b banned. Mulla ho ya pandit.... 688376450093854720 VIDEO: Sweden's silence on festival sex attacks Last year, there were numerous sexual assaults at a music festival in Stockholm - many by 688383866629959680 @CBSThisMorning @VinitaCBS Chartres has had this sort of light festival during summer for years and years. Fascinating. Mesmerizing. 688397736870150144 Setting up an RVA festival the week before @RiverrockRVA to benefit environmental advocacy & talk shit on @DomVAPower who's coming with me? 688405499952283648 @marshmellomusic bruhhh please play a gig at a club in Perth after goodlife festival, that shit is strictly a minor event 688412739325186052 @MehrTarar @RSS_Org Minority can not celebrate their festival in Islamic country.treated as b grade citizen, no top constitutional post, 688418932835790848 heading north to weavers in search of breakfast stuff. second night of the Banff film festival is tonight , should be great 688426369357750273 @_VibeWithMe_ I hope we all see each other at euphoria. It's the only festival I'll be attending since most shows are bleh now. 688432506895478784 @Longleat Hi, I'd like to visit the festival of light tomorrow. Am I able to buy residents annual passes tomorrow while there ? 688440743044628480 We all just need to move in together with AJ too lol. So we can do all the festival things & save money! @Hawasian_ 688449487346466816 @jenikya My pleasure. It's been such a fun festival, hasn't it? I seriously hope #LumiereLDN will be coming back next year! #fingerscrossed 688457067015704576 @max1203ohiost It's alright. Poor thing had Spinal Cancer so he couldn't make to the festival. Super sweet and funny. 688462844061339648 This may be the first of many comments today: "Do you have a movie here at the festival?" #parkCity #interviewShoot 688469829976743936 Tickets booked for @TimGilvin Stay Awake Jake at The Vault festival. 2 for 1 on feb 3 Excited and intrigued 688478475548774400 off to UNIFY festival to finish the Australian run. yesterday they found a python underneath the stage ramp so.... 688487488193605632 Cherry blossom bribe Put some spring in your walking We'll show true colours #haikuchallenge (bribe) #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #festival 688497204382797825 i love when festival season comes around and people who didnt know what edm was until 2 days ago say "i love edm" and swear they know it all 688506089671946240 Pretty soon. Not too much longer. RT @RavynSchmidt13: Can it be strawberry festival time already? I want strawberry shortcake. 688516710643548160 Wrking the avant garde arts festival for a wk is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever. It's been great, thank god it's almost over. 688524487210369025 @thenewsminute The same Jallikattu is allowed in a church festival in Madurai two days ago! Will PETA raise its voice? 688547746597359616 @myfff @LaTourEiffel Excited for the festival to start ....... I am from India and i caught up with with last year. Some really good movies 688555558622769152 god damn why isnt this 1967 why am i not at the monterey pop festival tripping on acid making out with peter tork????? 688565940926021632 Watched #RajiniMurugan last night! A film for kids & family audience! "C" centre film like #VVS ! Paisa vasool & festival mood film!! 688575245066711043 Ay ate, have you heard of sinulog festival? Wag naman sobrang stupid then sasabihin mo inaaway ka. #MgaGalawanNiZ 688584934722682880 Does anyone know what kpop groups are going to be performing in LA (besides EXO) in 2016 or any kop festival's in La? #kpop #LosAngeles 688609502317391872 @missioncreekIC @englert heads up joe & andre. Good for the festival or an englert show. He's got it. Read the article @MusicNegrito 688621290765287424 @leper_lord @Brunswickpub Glad you liked it. We were at the festival on Friday and were incredibly pleased with all our beers 688664110272139264 -jadi adanya ukiran es ini- berhubung sebentar lagi Sapporo akan mengadakan festival es setiap tahunnya. Dan mengingat tahun lalu karakter- 688670094130462720 had a dream that I was at a festival watching kasabian but I was the only one dancing :/ slightly worrying ngl 688679579326656512 @rsaroja70 @rjsunilvarma Not bullfights.Some other festival where bulls run in herds on streets teeming with ppl.Many ppl do get injured. 688687362159849472 @BeerNouveau Oh and a cool festival. At the old Heineken factory (I think). In end sat outside, wrapped in big blankets. 688698189852049408 #BalconyShort wins Best International #Shortfilm at Australia's #OSCAR qualifying @Flickerfest! THANK YOU to the Jury & the festival team! 688709234024812547 Shit! ngayon lang Hindi nakapanuod sa FIREWORKS DISPLAY to END THE SINULOG festival Parade haaai :( #UNBREAKABLEALDUBNATION #Sinulog2016 688720046349246464 Sometimes you read a chapter of 3k or so words and realise it stinks like a rock festival toilet. Today is such a day #joysofediting 688736481741901824 @saaxenanurag we were expecting this. This is all arranged drama and foolish media is celebrating festival. 688771415240232961 @Rut_ba There's this festival goin'on Lumiere London, tonight's the last night so I am thinking if I should go or not or study for exam tomm 688780579781869568 Tjooo gwa nyewa daso str8.. Fried, boiled, grilled nd chicken stew moeskont.. Chicken festival indeed #opw woza egg nd bacon 688789377602990081 I know it's out of reach but my truest dream is to go to the Edinburgh fringe festival and perform something a little bit "out there" 688803134756487170 #RajiniMurugan- Pucca festival entertainer f4m @Siva_Kartikeyan,@KeerthyOfficial impresses in her debut,Siva Soori combo hits d target again 688816508835905536 These local events get worse every year, I swear the smallest festival I'm going to ever again is SMF 688825233290186753 @JSLayton1992 @the_racehour Hard to know. I am waiting until the Cleeve. Love course form when backing them for festival 688848160505094145 in 20 years am i gonna be like "i had a kick ass time at that music festival" or "omg i was never late on my rent!!!!!!" 688867241186734082 Fun day at Macabre Faire Film Fest. Was the last festival screening of @SummitTheMovie, which premieres on Vimeo on Demand & VHX tomorrow! 688875758501101568 I'm at this Spanish folk festival and these niggas killing a dance but to be real, it look like the Cupid slide. 688885832267112448 And snow and me wearing my batgirl jacket and someone getting sent to jakarta to cover a music festival?? 688896784949641216 Hindi ako na inform nasa festival pala ang baby bae @aldenrichards02 ko...sana nagpunta ako:) #ALDUBSerendipity 688906155284914176 @FlyerThanAPelic You are, right now, defending an invasion force which attacked and raped people attending a hometown New Years' festival. 688914963440611328 @Polygon @wizards_magic Wow, there aren't nearly as many entries in this as I expected. That's like local-festival-door-prize odds. 688927910657306625 @Lin_Manuel nothing is more beautiful than being at a theatre festival and having a Jamilton session with fellow thespians. 688936576378884096 Would really love to see your name in the lineup at the Toadlick Music festival here in Dothan Alabama this June. 688953885277446144 #PongalBoxOffice Lessons learnt #RajiniMurugan clicked because it was ideal festival food, a fun ride, a timepass . Audiences today r choosy 688963620122836992 @Liamclifford_ @teafortree @KaneEndsHere the expanse is too big for the popn.You've gotta be careful putting on a festival these days. 688976579565768705 @happeesy inang sm sta rosa or festival mall please huhu i really wanna see the dolls ang get a chance to win day 2 tix 689004614323187716 If an actor comes aftr a 1yr long gap on a festival & gets crushed by a newbie their fans hv no rights 2 address him as world's biggest star 689007227139653632 .@ZeeMohamed93 @tufailelif @the_hindu not all temples bar women, and some goddesses also have festival of menstruation. 689013421388337152 @froknowsphoto @S_Eckert would you every do RawTalk in Australia. maybe when the Vivid Light festival is one... just an idea... 689026006284279810 @sinjitsu_itiro I was just getting to like everyone. EVERYONE. Especially RIGHT after the festival/concert! 689038206310850561 @AshokKhemka_IAS jallikattu festival traditional are loss of human/animal . the base of festival only "Prakratik prem "between them. 689045704912707584 I'm serving festival girl teas right now in bed with my fairy lights on listening to majestic casuals YT. I'm screaming bc I'm a hermit 689055742419062784 i wanna go to the goodv*be music festival this feb because chvrch*s, p*ssion pit, st*rs and oh w*nder but i dont have a concert buddy 8( 689064698470256640 One of my biggest dreams is to go to a music festival with Skrillex, Jack U, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Afrojack, etc. as headliners 689078829697134592 Quandary - do I go see @TheFrontBottoms in Newcastle next month, or hang on til Coachella festival for my 1st memory of them? 689090713162772484 Metal scene hypocrisy 101: composer of Hangar 18 taken to task for calling bullshit on co-headlining w/ Rotting Christ at a Greek festival. 689099935321604096 We asked festival participants for recommendations. One answer: "Adopt a rescue cat, because cats are funny!" 689153205113110528 @CurlewSteph Thanks Steph. We need to shine a great big spotlight on the city's cultural gems. Looking forward to literary festival catch up 689168406239641601 @ButeFest @BBCR1 @huwstephens buzzing to announce our first festival for 2016. We've heard amazing things about Butefest, can't wait. 689182311972229120 .........I thought I'd have surely gained at least a kilo with the festival and all I've been eating at grandma's 689189488069718017 he also snuck into a religious festival for women only dressed as a woman to have an affair with Julius Caesar's wife Pompeia 689222566997790721 The Grim Reaper. Currently booking what looks like the best festival of the year. And every other year. 689229812725055488 Glenn Frey from the Eagles now too? There must be one heck of a musical festival going on in heaven right now. I hope so. 689261080779055108 Do you love electronic music as much as we doo? Which was your best festival experience for 2012? Cant wait what 2013 has in store for us!! 689293060899913728 N.W.A., the creators of gangster rap, reuniting at coachella. the festival where white hipsters spend hundreds of their parents $ to attend 689315672858431488 @SarahRooneyy p.s. the goal of the festival is to raise awareness about violence against women and girls 689333716405989376 @braddybb if he really wanted a comeback he should have booked a show at the country music festival this year. Guy Sebastian has one. 689354948400779265 What a great @pickathon kick-off party @RevHallpdx. Great job @whostherossboss & all involved. Going to be a killer festival @portlandia. 689396921337700352 @GetVIP_Manc Thanks for the follow. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 689407269096656896 @BathChron Dirigo Film Festival is a student film festival taking place at the Cube Cinema in Bristol on 28/01/16 #filmfestival 689454766481518593 Las Fallas : Fire, fireworks, smoke, and excitement make this festival a cross between Disney World and the apocalypse. 689472217101414400 @Gurmeetramrahim #WowMSG2MSG2 Great Euphoria among the fans..Celebrating every festival by watching MSG2 689484214022963200 Why isn't @BootsandHearts verified yet though?? Best country music festival in Canada deserves to be verified! 689490009687138304 @officialDannyT I hope to be able to meet you at the Las Cruces film festival in March. I submitted a film I directed. I look up to you! 689497357994463237 @Gurmeetramrahim #WowMSG2MSG2 ....Guruji.. Really Jb aapka tweet aata h . Tb hume itne khushi hoti h like we celebrate very big festival. 689505979164135428 @ElinSilveous Coolness. Ohio is filled with small town festivals like the Popcorn Festival. They never cease to charm. 689515692383690753 @SineaterFestiva Hi, who would I seak to about playing the festival, recent Amazon folk charts #1 artist 689521222787330048 Need digital signage, playback at your theater, or a complete playback solution for your festival? Meet us at the sponsors lunch! #AHC16 689526616305844226 Alright, @pitchforkfest, errbody else is announcing their festival line-ups and on-sales. GET WITH IT!!!!!! 689538495384272897 I had a really weird dream that @LetItHappenBand was performing at a festival/street fair/costume contest but only played Queen covers. 689555198356885504 @victoriaroskams you've probs seen already but suede are playing bbc6 music festival in bristol next month!! 689912688533704705 For the amount of money I've spent on festival tickets last year and this year alone I probably could have gotten two entire sleeves 689947133785554944 It blows my mind on how marketing conferences cost $1k+ but a music festival with giant production and mainstream headliners cost $200~ 689954440988758016 Countdown to @ShiveringSongs festival is on!! We can't wait. Damn you winter - It's been too long since live music. 689961863686275072 Things #Spectre taught me: I need to go to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and my crush on Q is still as strong as ever. 689970662283350017 @Elliot_Hill "I'm not a terrorist, Your Honour, it was for the world's premier turnip tossing festival! I swear!" 689990599244668931 The digital currency idea I proposed in Nigeria ICT festival was a currency based on physical energy units, i.e., Joules. 690010131350843393 grassrootsfootball Managers curry night on Friday marks the start of official planning for the 2012 festival of football grassrootsfootball 690018609561800704 @Airtel_Presence Pankaj, it will be great n we feel it as festival once airtel comes toour Balaji Elegace,prashnt lyt,whitefield,banglore66 690029333587566592 The world buskers festival is amazing and if you haven't seen this years one you need to you see it. And it's at north hagley park til Sun24 690041887873462272 Have you heard about @playbyplayfest yet? It's NZ's first international games festival! 18th - 23rd of April in Wellington 690051897995235328 @cowboycasanova I don't think I'm going to make that tour :/ I'm seeing Chris Young headline a little festival by me. I'm hoping he 690065532846940160 @sundancefest sundance is really a fun festival starts jan21 #Sundance2016 #SundanceFilmFestival #parkCityutah #indieFilms 690076171590090752 @NayantharaLive u mean thirunal!? It has nothin to do wit wedding! It's a occasion/festival or can b precisely called an auspicious day!! 690106765212516353 Another European festival gets Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Pixies but we're stuck with Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding 690113467500662784 @ArchedEyebrowBR Yes, my favourite festival I Wilderness bc I can hear I from my bed at my mum's house. 690119567599865856 I am missing u #jlf16 #JLF @JaipurLitFest #JaipurLiteratureFestival one of the best festival in India. Past 2 years was great. 690128556245045248 @GouldenRules Looking to connect with you re @voxburner's Youth Marketing Strategy festival. It would be great to speak more. 690158103199776768 3rd annual #multicultural #literacy festival coming April 30th 2016 to #C-Springs #UCCS @hsd2Supt @WidefieldD3 @EventDivaRachel @D49HRPaul 690162835788210176 Google Hosting 'Love Your Language' Forum at Jaipur Literature Festival: Google has invited participants of the festival and anyone p... 690166533394423808 @Ann_dLandes I'm not a festival man. But I've been to primavera a few times, and it's not that festivaly 690171874580520960 17th - 21st Feb I will be performing in 'songs for the end of the world' with @domcoyote at vault festival. Come see it! Tix info 2 follow X 690179344661090304 @asjoshtaylor Please come to #JOSHFEST to break a record for charity 30 April @joshuatreekids #festival #charity #Cheshire #childhoodcancer 690185614008909825 #NileFest2016 kicks off with a solid half aircrew/swim. Reigning festival champion Musa steps up the game with a perfect air screw. It's on. 690197190124388352 Whilst people will be enjoying the best festival line up I've seen in some time at Primavera I'll be up mt. Snowdon bracing the elements 690202659005927425 @LittleMix PERRIEEEEE!! Would you like to be informed about an Australian hippie festival that is held in September? #BRITBLACKMAGIC 690210688892063744 I wish I had seen bonnaroo when it was not commercialized and had the true nature of a music festival 690216403283087360 @phoenixcomicuk You know I keep telling you and @neillcameron to bring your festival to Bristol? Well @oxfamcothambook agree with me! 690226901877657600 I seriously never stop talking about @ultra its seriously the best fucking festival ever, it has no rival, none, you cant beat Miami 690234445765410817 @ActingBSA we are seeking emerging Shakespeare companies to be part of our new festival in London. Tell us about you @AvonCatford #bardhard 690239378271133697 @HannahJade__ went to a festival a couple of summers ago and angrily thought 'we could be in a nice hotel rn for less money' the whole time 690250852435693568 I'm sorry oh my god I hate those drug obsessed musical festival kids who for some reason think We should be friends 690255953782972417 @Insanomania why not! It's like we are fasting in the middle of a food festival. Even though we prepared all the food. 690260375187488768 .@nnorthyy we're over here getting everything ready for July! Can't wait to see you at the festival. #art #party #goodtimes #withfriends 690270438841155585 @xSHARKYx416 @ndpeeonme I live 15 minutes away from 2 reservations. Its like the three-day millionaire festival, on cheque day. 690274928344600580 Radiohead announce 3 festival dates. Are the world's greatest band ever about to drop a new album on us? Please say it's so. 690280697987227648 Just to enter the festival u must be a true smoker. Not one of them oh yeah I smoke too types I'm talkn pothead status 690444736826576896 Now I'm just tweeting about the festival for no apparent reason. D'ya think someone important from #zeejlf will read this? 690463192640831488 @ryankeebaugh I am well thank you, Ryan. Enjoy the festival! Thank you for sharing all those great events/opportunities btw :) 690483938821853184 @M_B_LM Thanks for the follow Manuella. Hopefully see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party. 690506595734851584 3 weeks today on 12 Feb: an extra special night market @stnicksmarket, teaming up with @BBC6Music festival fringe 690512729405259778 the only thing that would actually throw me off longitude right now is if another festival announces death grips 690518762320175104 NYC is canceling its annual winter sports festival in Central Park Saturday, because of...winter. #snowmaggedon2016 690527088407908352 @Namjoon_jpg vietnam for some kind of festival, then korea to the golden disk, then guangzhou for a fanmeeting... 690532998140334080 @mithai4all #Happy Indian I am proud of my country India with varied languages, culture, food, festival. With beautiful flora and fauna. 690551666987372550 @ELlJAHJAMES there's that festival in ohio, but not that. thinking either st. andrews or the metro in chicago. 690563975633731584 @TheDeron There should be a festival that is all Dave Grohl and Josh Homme bands... not Probot though... 690570663803760641 Woke up in Salt Lake City. Guess I'll check out this #Sundance festival everyone keeps talking about. 690576400319778817 [festival] tanuma: pretty fireworks, don't you think? natsume: I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING THERE'S A GIANT YOUKAI BLOCKING THE VIEW 690598247874822144 @Desti_Nation7 yeah like destiny two! You'll get some lame ass festival and be happy cause it's free! 690605704852434944 @shadesofnadia @IVabdul there are greater chances of people coming to your clinic after eating all that junk food from the festival. 690610139284377601 Hey #BroadwayCon! Go check out the "Festival Medley" panel in the Nassau to learn about putting on a musical theatre festival. Going on NOW! 690616362780213252 I love sherlock,but 3grand for a festival!!!i dont think so,im pretty sure #doctorwho wouldnt dare charge that..its wrong for the fans 690622304129282053 It's kind of hilarious how Longitude isn't even a hip hop festival, but if you look at the line up the stand outs are hip hop artists. 690628645900177408 @danieljmckee to script a comic for a rock festival after offering, and the DWA story stemmed from an enquiry. The key is all of these 690635380413087744 @colmandomingo @NatTurnerFilm Have fun! I usually make the festival . I'm from that area, Sundance is beautiful! #HomeSick 690653917026390016 My past three year's favourite films have come from Sundance. So, you could say I've got high expectations outta this year's festival. 690665677468913665 Just booked my @SlamDunkMusic festival tickets for Leeds. Another highlight on the horizon. A few bands that will be first time seen for me. 690679139821559808 The fact that Radiohead is headlining lolla already makes it best lineup thus far for this festival season 690695673402888192 i dont even own amiibo festival but i still bought the lottie amiibo bc she is my darling daughter otter 690712499432361989 If only Chris Brown could come into the UK. Do you know how wavy a festival would be with him headlining? 690733067191844864 With sperm like fish floating in the air and an elephant's butt shaking on the big screen, Lumerie has to be the strangest lights festival 690744950602997760 @nickjonas "Stay warm, there, where, you are:) I'm uncertain, what festival; ~Sundance, is, however; I'm hoping, you have, a, joyous time!". 690755858259521536 Seperti festival ngamen, suguhan musik keroncong, wayang potehi, musik klasik Tiongkok, hingga barongsai anak-anak & tari remo #MURIPlesiran 690780287920381952 Hope you're ready to discover some Riesling and other rarities at the #rieslingrocks festival today @Lopvilleliving? See you later! 690793998370222080 I love Kenyan music that's why i will be attending the festival. Let's meet at the festival cc @moseax @sportpesafest 690820659899830273 @Gurmeetramrahim @Gurmeetramrahim Guruji Ur every valuable guidelines make my every festival with aimfull really salute to u #MSGin127Days 690852929897680896 I've known since 1993 the #RealHipHop would 1 day end up as main act/main stage at an Irish festival ;-) #Longitude2016 690863093035995136 Just got in from drive thru Basildon festival leisure @McDonaldsUK to find there was no chips with an excited child's happy meal.Disgrace 690884894625431553 @mithai4all #HappyIndian Pray Which ever God I like ! Follow Whichever Religion I wish!Celebrate all festival 690904018479140864 #youth confr nd festival #isishingishane maskandi festival #Ink hop k/mashu festival #Gamalakhe music festival..... #justvision 690910731773034496 @Marcellow1 We have an electric festival in my area too called the Electric Forest! 3 days of hammocks & tents in a giant forest with music! 690916810598670337 @thekraftlyapp #UniquelyYours Indian New year festival are celebrated in different part of India with unique style in different times. 690925326331961344 @MCYeeehaaa @Mccann7Brian @Ascot I will eat anyone up! Bring on the festival and the Ryanair. #superstar 690932734164754432 accidentally turned to kbs channel jn & theres kbs song festival + infinite performance @ da same time i went wild 690940864995135488 I knew it was lit when no more people could fit in the room, there was a guy on stilts, and the crowd felt like something out of a festival 690948065730117633 Hmm Oh ya sure just keeps getting weirder and MDMA festival edm zombies ALERT --- TESTING NOW AUTOMATED POSTING SYSTEM Any 690963063168745472 It's not a Solo and Ensemble festival until someone cries, and an elderly male judge makes a bananas insulting sexist comment. 690969377525465090 @BanditoKat Yeah, '69 at No CA folk rock festival. Saw Hendrix-Santana. Thankful my brother talked dad into taking us. I am sure he hated it 690984617436803073 You now have the option to get a payment plan for music festival tickets. Think bout that for a second. 690990906216808448 man at @BSOMF got weird because i tagged them in a post about how my label is throwing an after-party on the launch day of their festival 690998188208074752 @TraceyMartinMP every year Orewa hosts our local Hibiscus Hot Rodders Beach festival,flags all part of it. Bring the kids down. Great event. 691007820553125888 @mrstevenfine I remember all that going down, like the nerve asking people for festival tickets and shit. 691012177545838592 Like i said to Sharmeen, it's like watching your son and his friends prepare something for the school's year end festival that's cute. 691021959325446144 @ChiliPeppers @jazzfest this is absolutely the most outrageous line-up for a festival ever. Why can't it be in the UK!? 691041982676758529 @psutympany @MightyFine89 @dbstar25 @CNilar they compete in ice wars on Fri. & Sat. Evening! Annual festival here - The Hunter Ice Festival! 691054148624748544 Half way through Celtic Connections, been a very busy, diverse week, but the festival brew is going down treat. #wellEarnedBeer 691064061518176256 RIP Soundwave festival. Today was set down for Sydney's #SW16 Is this the end of rock festivals in Australia?Thanks for the memories #SWFEST 691073457207914496 But seriously, he's playing all of Pet Sounds at that festival in Spain and that's one of the things I need to experience in life ;_; 691083781659185152 @amz_harajuku argh.. Accidentally booked the wrong date.. And just realized.. Going snow festival next month 691113387649077248 @seyabookfest Any idea re: when the festival schedule for Saturday will be posted? Trying to make travel plans to be there. :) 691126137750040577 Im sure may magvivideoke na naman mmaya. Every weekend nlang.. may videoke festival buset... #brgystacruz #ganitokmisamkti hay naku 691138268063096832 @Brittany2News @KUTV2News too bad @Uber gave in. If residents want quiet boot the dumb festival, not entrepreneurs. 691163887278931968 Everyone come today evening for the drama festival decorations. Group reps make sure you discuss about decorations today. 691182851899953152 @AobaCapullo Rei nodded "A..and then Zen saying the festival was some way to..s-send me off..I..don't know where to but..it..I didn't want > 691195629276680192 So what's the present traffic situation like around the Frere Hall right now? Also, does anyone know what time the festival ends? 691218600334594048 @EmAFCTU @GlasgowBuck @markberry @shropshirelady @katiepeal @telfordutd @stevebowyer84 the festival was far far smaller than first planned 691230084183695360 Had fun at a Leo Moon festival yesterday. Interesting and odd at the same time haha. #tribal #firedancers #festive #performers 691237855583141888 The TWI Gibraltar Chess festival kicks off tomorrow! Join us for live coverage! Putting Gibraltar on the map. #TGCF 691256705217228800 @shah_jagrut @bhat_sadhana @MeenaDasNarayan festival regn.fee for participants is 4000/- rupees per day,no entry for ordi. literature lover 691266674708848640 @jamesaknight agreed. My betting slip on festival day 1 is in danger of looking more like a football coupon 691282026226298880 Film submissions for our festival are still open on @FilmFreeway. Our "Late Deadline" runs until February 14th 2016. #FilmFestival #Film 691289397174505472 Wouldn't call myself a PA but pretty cool that a movie about my fraternity is premiering at a film festival. 691296137148567553 @jrussell46 @AboutEG @egcouncil talk to Dawn in Town Promotions as planning a food festival in Railway Approach 2nd October. 691304659722584065 @totalfilm please have a look. It's fantastic 'cause it's first time ever a film from KG at a festival like that. #SeideAtSundance 691313762884808708 I got the entire Cold Steel Rendered, but not sure of the school festival, should I record my waifu, Laura, everyone's festival events? 691322763697479680 @roryjiwani I do like that douvan. You could see at last seasons festival he was gonna be unstoppable 691330194238341120 I've been going jazz festival in New Orleans ever since I was little. It's in my bones, my wimpy bones 691336858693996545 Enjoyed playing in the miniatures concert @RNCMvoice #NMNW16 festival. Short works for string quartet, harp, trumpet & trombone! 691344271996272640 Busy week ahead with birthdays, pig festival (yep!), taxes, and regular life stuff. Thankful to God for a sound mind to get through it all! 691351912181055488 @SGardenHitchin @ReadathonUK @hoosbookfest @hodderchildrens Yes, I was at their 1st festival....a fabulous event! 691358822955352065 @hannahschreffs I think if you can make it to a festival, you'll be fine. They should allow some room for improvement in your classes. 691367516833120256 ialso had a dream i went to like a festival and across the street was a gas station and i went to get a drink and some1 shot up the placd 691375114126929925 @CliffRigano Plus I think a traveling festival that doesn't regurgitate bands& introduces new bands is missed. Maybe Metallica's the answer? 691383878448209920 .@WOMADelaide is Australia's favourite outdoor festival of music, dance, arts and food from around the world. 11-14 March 2016. #womad 691401892178472960 @barrieluongo Don't do it on my account. I hate football entirely. TV's on but I'm screening shorts for a film festival :) #GimmeRugbyAnyday 691412791857713152 @piesnkozla TY for a wonderful night! best presentation of the festival! Please come back to chile with a next play @GrzegorzBral #STGOaMIL 691433162908397568 Six people one taxi. Dancing at a music festival w/ Spanish journalists. Drinking Thai craft beer only sold through the brewer's home. A++ 691442629850984450 @koonntt_ wow bruh well lets go rage soon then be mellow then rage again then feel like shit for 3 days afterwards (attend a music festival) 691456968469385217 the eli in alpaca festival sounds so much like eli that it makes me shed a tear every time i hear her sing 691466657126952960 Screaming @ this tea I just heard about me ex best friend sucking dick in an alley at a hardcore festival...what kind of white shenanigans 691478275969789953 @padhalikha So u r attending a literary festival; in 5 star hotel. Any rapes taking place in the hotel lift? 691507427490009089 I would rather spend $300 on a ticket for a music festival than on furniture bc priorities obviously. 691520683298283520 they talked to me and invited me to attend their "korean festival" something like that at their church at 5pm 691527105268441088 Presentasi diskusi dr Rombel 3: - Mengajak siswa ke tempat kerja para relawan pengajar - Mengadakan festival anak #KIMagetan3 691536546865008640 Left for work 20 mins late. Fot distracted by shiny things. Also work is boring i want to do festival stuff :( 691545420527341569 do u ever want to watch a movie so bad bc ur favorite actor stars as the main character but it's a festival film so you're just like.....bye 691562347484311552 @TribfestUK bit poor that they're on in the VIP tent. You're very expensive for a tribute festival and many can't afford VIP #fakefestival 691569169276497920 .@IMDb ratings are a sham. Around 1000 people have seen my film - which has NEVER played a festival and 3 of them are top 1000 reviewers? 691572611332050944 I couldn't care less about Wireless as a festival, but if J Cole headlined it would be a game changer 691581812909314048 For 1000s of yrs, Hindu widows were barred from taking part in Holi-The festival of colors. They now say: _______________ (Fill the blanks) 691588133780115456 Thanks to my eternal hero @laursbobbins for getting us 6music festival tickets for the Saturday night @Colston_Hall 691603472949575680 Real shame that the LIR film was withdrawn from the festival. When I ask WHY people retreat nervously. What is going on? 691612121436680194 Know artists in the symbiosis illustration/sound? Our friends @ImproperWalls r looking for contacts to take part in a festival. PM us/them! 691634763900280833 @SheIsORB New boo better come thru with dope plans! I have no clue what I want to do this year.Was thinking of attending a food festival lol 691655453563076610 The Amsterdam Open Air dance music festival looks set to return for another wild summery weekend in Amsterdam June 2016. #amsterdamopenair 691662472369954816 Id like to say sorry to the local EDM festival, and i ranted about drug issues and how the new BMW headlights work- like the M6. 691669717476610049 @KillinMusicFest Thanks for following! Hows the line-up coming? I'll need to check you out. Another festival I could be playing this year 691683671917596672 #MarfaOpen Hi. Come to Marfa in October. for my Foto Fest. will try to learn to use twitter for the festival 691693070396448768 Elizabeth Banks recalls going to festival screenings of Wet Hot American Summer just to fill our audience award ballots #Sundance 691700009041944576 The Greatest festival of Democracy is Republic Day. Happy #RepublicDay to all of you Who believe in our Constitution. 691708223343194112 @HealthPsychKell Yum looks so delicious!! We hope your friends enjoyed the Vive les Voyageurs festival. :) 691716338616811521 Very tempted to take the 50/1 on offer for Red Sherlock in the World Hurdle @CheltenhamRaces #festival 691723005102313472 I'm going to start a new hashtag #starvingatsundance because when you are doing the festival there is absolutely no time to eat! #Sundance 691736191243292672 @FinalFurlongPod @kevinblake2011 @RadioEmmet any ideas what has happened to on the fringe guys? Straight to the festival? @Lee_Bloomfield 691750630344404992 @GreasyLake It wouldn't go over well. No chance festival people would sit still for Point Blank, Drive All Night or Wreck on the Highway 691762567442726913 Sacred Journeys will be shown at the Sedona International film festival Feb 25 6PM. I am a proud extra in it. 691768978788765696 There's a street festival in my neighbourhood. I walked through the middle with my hand up but no one high 5ed me. It's not about me, then. 691785444976103425 @_alexfic_ actually it wouldnt be ironic it would be quite fitting considering he played a character who was also attending that festival 691794096650874880 Noticing rappers launching 'DJ' careers after seeing festival crowds go bananas to fail safe laptop sets of dance hits. I don't blame em. 691799730649694209 @rachee99 @KosherKielbasa1 @TheGrensta he's being a SoCal bro bro! ;)) miss u Rachael probably see u festival season at some point right 691809091065384961 At Share the Spirit festival to reflect on #SurvivalDay & for my little kid to learn about the Aboriginal history & culture 691817816899620864 All of these Sundance Twitter reactions are a great help in outlining my list of must sees for the upcoming southwest festival circuit 691825891366834177 @DrinkIndiana By the way, what was total festival attendance last year between Winterfest, Bloomington, and Summerfest? 18,500-ish? 691847463653761025 It seems 13 is sarawati pujo and 14 is what it is. This feb Bengalis to celebrate a joint of festival and love. 691858983502639104 50K will be given away each hour starting from 5PM during the sportpesa festival @HomeboyzRadio @Only1Calvin @GMONEYizME #GITIM 691867571021283330 @jenidawn @LeahR77 I can't think of his name, but he's a good man. He single-handedly shut down the Arab festival a couple years ago. 691879427639283713 let festival season be filthy af this year filled with my favorite fam members, sunsets to sunrise, lotsa headbanging, and good drugs. Amen. 691911791513866240 These festival "exclusives" are getting silly. "London exclusive. This year. In this month. On theses exact dates." 691923058488152064 had an amazing holi with family first and then friends. a wonderful festival indeed. off to mumbai tomorrow and then bangladesh day after :) 691932075792941056 When you come across a Musician or an Actor at a Mall or in a festival, or any other place, encourage him/her to join CWUSA #hegemony 691941286333530116 @Livewire1350 In the library getting festival vibes from you two playing Jungle. I want a hat like their's for when I next see them 691950938005901312 SCHOOLS | We are with @CWASport students this morning preparing for next weeks 'School Kurling festival'. It's going to be a great event. 691960009039675393 Our Tandeef team proudly supported the Masdar festival, part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability week 2016, by offering their cleansing services 691974420391419905 always think about going to a more civilised festival but a just love being passed out in a field puking on myself at leeds :) 691984930419666945 The Golden Poop Arts festival is held every year at the Restroom Cultural Park in Suwon, South Korea. #TravelTuesday #2sday #PoopTrivia 691992594415554560 I dreamed @themetrocinema screened Flash Gordon (1980) at a 'sci-fi cult classic' festival. Someone please make this into a reality. 692013203690250240 I understand what goes into booking a festival, but the more male dominated they are, the less I want to go these days. 692027208869789700 En route to Texas A&M to be the Composer in Residence for their inaugural chamber music festival. See you soon, Texas! 692033094656851970 dear @forecastle thanks for putting together the WORST possible lineup for a festival So much god damn butt rock where the diversity at doe? 692040972151095297 Crazy the Atascadero Tamale festival had more attendees than Savor the Central Coast. 7K vs. 5K. @SLOVisitorGuide @AtascaderoCity 692053817001533441 @rdotgordon @ambitiousbylaw it's usually around April and May.. crawfish festival should be coming soon tho 692059243046944770 @sineadlappin When I see a good film at a festival I just want other people to have the chance to share that experience. This frustrates me. 692064029704097792 When did festival applications become mind numbing exercises in meaningless data entry via a thousand different, equally shit, apps? 692068170195034113 Great interview at #cinemacafe! Michael Shannon told his "Talking Heads" story. For festival goers: his band is playing at 9:00 at Cicero's. 692073292321001472 spent the last 15 minutes thinking up festival-centric porn titles: coochella lollapa-sploogeya elastic dingus carnival 692085159022182400 @paberrs I don't rly believe anything unless the festival themselves hint it. They're too good to let secrets out. But would be amazing tho 692112166061760514 #thisisthekit #whitedenam #moonlandings. Could you please play Bristol again soon. Wasn't able to get tickets for R6 festival. I'm R blind. 692119710427697153 @passthatversace @onlydchzusetwtr SO JEALOUS. Can we make up a dance to bust out this festival season orrr #innerXtinasUnite 692138570430201861 @visit_mcr this years only uk women in comedy festival dates announced 20th-30th October in #manchester 692162207715573760 #FoxDebate just turned into exercise in pathos and futility. #GOPe festival of sophomoric stagecraft. Enjoy! @realDonaldTrump 692174206663004162 @rocksound I did, I preferred the not live version, I much preferred the performance at reading festival 692192559402225664 @GreaterGeelong Hi there. You have tagged the wrong festival. The Geelong one is unfortunately very similarly named.. 692207116011094017 @overflow_joy not sure if we'll get a LCOZ release in 2016 (maybe at a festival) but yes certainly hoping for QOTD and TCOAL! 692216364166189056 security will be increased, and there will also be trained first aid responders on site during the festival. 692231910349750272 @DrBrianMay I was at a folk festival here at night in the bush & collided with an emu on the path. My 2yr old son shouted "go away duck!!" 692245046440128512 Send harvest festival pictures to cen10yearbook@gmail.com because Ybk has no harvest festival pics, we need them ASAP! 692261171139846144 At the @qiff_ Open Forum - interesting concept by QTA to involve the public in national food festival #QIFF2016 #QatarEating 692269776505278464 Put all my things for the week in a folder, dusted off my festival clipboard. Tomorrow, a haircut. Starting to feel like @heywire time. 692273859580555264 also while i'm at it are we gonna get the summer festival bermuda promos in english i need that coral pr in my life @BushiroadGlobal 692287298818297856 Great fun at the @AustralianOpen festival exhibition match with these guys ! @huxtaburger @unclestkilda @OrganicAvenueAU #ausopenfestival 692295491099451392 Any chance of a 'without Min' market in the Supreme being put up before the festival? @SkyBet @BetfairRacing @bet365 692302247569530881 @missbradshawxo Thanks for the follow Chelsea Hope to see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party 692315108354232320 @Sarah_Woolley No problem. pretty sure i'm not going this year, which is heartbreaking as it's such an amazing festival 692329438554542080 @KermodeMovie Hi Mark! We had a chat last year about the film festival on St Martins, would you be interested in getting involved this year? 692343827202310144 Cracker123 will be featured at #IFB2016 - the largest business festival in the world - we hope to see you there! 692363967197532160 Some one told me about " Felabration " - an annual festival in Nigeria that commemorates the life & music of Fela & I realllly wanna go. 692372855313555456 @MonstahhAddict That's the way to do it! If you're ever looking for any supplements to get in top festival shape, will you keep us in mind? 692382451675586560 All I took from my lectures today is that the Greeks used to have a yearly festival celebrating the God of Wine... #bringitback 692388735514714113 Animal crossing amiibo festival is adorable. I wish I had someone to play it with though. It's a tiny bit awkward playing it by myself haha 692403322431516672 @deerwuyifan no, gray n I get married the next morning after the moon festival, yknow, that festival's supposed to b spent w someone special 692413839808294914 People of Ottawa shall we come and visit you for a gig, do you have a street festival or some good venues? 692420811395854341 I went to Cuba with my fams 4-5 yrs ago... every other trip I've ever been on involved a festival and being surrounded by people. 692436451145940996 @AmyLeeEV @evanescence any chance we get to be blessed with a tour or festival performance in 2016??? 692441228051419136 #PhreakOutLive music festival is on the 20th February at Alliance francaise. Tickets go for GHC20. Be there for awesome live music #rrghlive 692447226384228352 You wouldn't know it w/all the #HaitiElections-related chaos, but PauP also hosts world-class #jazz festival this time of year @PAPJazzHaiti 692467458985299971 TFS will be at the Tucson Festival of Books this year! Keep an eye out for additional information as the date draws nearer! #festivalofbooks 692473406189625344 @ElleCrick is it not doofy enough? Because for once we finally have a festival driven by actual music as opposed to a computer on stage 692478388678868993 So if you were at a festival 1/2 hour long for the portaloo. Would you prefer a faster service. Comment here 692484079179153408 Tbt to when I met Amber Rose in person when she came to the Cape Verdean festival . Lmfaoo I loved that lady 692490834395136001 Sledge makes mention to a potential seafood festival in downtown in conjunction with seafood heavyweights Graham and Rollins. (I'm so in.) 692498719468560384 Is it socially inappropriate to go to a chocolate festival alone? #SecretlyaLardAss #ShamelesslyObese 692506361633071105 Good thing about missing festival season, is that when I get out its arizonas festival season. MDBP, Global, Decadance, crush 692543719548030977 #TIFF thanks its volunteers every day. #Sundance thanks its volunteers for one day in the middle of the festival. 692555095570014209 The moment you are tell someone you are watching a Kurt Cobain documentary and the other person asks "is that a music festival?" #WTF 692563388124250116 Except I don't wanna work here, I just wanna hang and have a good time. So basically exactly like a music festival. 692567696467054592 @sid_shenoy Have you registered for the film festival? The workshops are open for those who register for the festival. 692573977785540609 @srksrider haha airlift 150cr dilwale 140cr with 1000 more screens and festival. Hahaha teti maa toh chud gayi re 692586340215570433 pretty dangerous | 2016 bronx international film festival @BronxFilm | jan 30, 6pm | the studio theatre, 250 bedford park blvd, new york, ny 692613210478886912 [TV] FrightFest 2015 (Horror Channel) Tue, Feb 2, 2:30 PM All the action, excitement and chills from the latest FrightFest film festival i.. 692618734993825792 I don't know how you can headline a festival that last year had Metallica with disclosure I'm so confused rn #randl2016 692623609437749248 @sheispeaceful @brendahklaire @FlozyA @jimlox @stellanderitu @johnmtua thou shalt not miss good governance festival #ggfest #CorruptionKE 692628654631849984 If you want to hear rock music, go to a rock festival. There are plenty of them. Most of them are quite shit though, but YAY MEN W/ GUITARS 692633610722082816 R&L announcement was the weakest one ever I've seen from a major festival. Think the third headliner will have to be someone special 692644281245417472 Glastonbury is the best UK festival and it's where I'll be investing my money ever year until I have some kind of mid-life crisis 692648839291867136 #NSD's international theatre festival BHARAT RANG MAHOTSAV is set for Feb 1 to Feb 21 #MandiHouse @NBTDilli @NBTjashn 692654689951858688 Reading have announced more acts and I'm fully underwhelmed. Need to find a new festival for the summer. 692660996285022208 Excited to be attending the @TSerialized festival today, just had a very inspiring meeting! #producer #filmmaking #film @JoLowenborg 692666426373595136 All festival line ups are fucking shit this year. Not a single one has made me want to go, tired/repeated lineups 692674958443560960 @DancesWidLesbos reading is a music festival in England my American child, it's on the same time I'm in Jamaica therefore I can't go sigh 692687800743768064 #censorship over a painting depicting #Taiji dolphin slaughter excluded from the Shinju Matsuri festival art awards #Broome #OpKillingBay 692698229461368832 If anyone calls reading fest a rock festival after that announcement they can suck my arse, just about making themselves money now. 692705079409938432 Sheldon does not celebrate christmas "@SCooperBazzinga: I don't celebrate the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia." 692712870044393473 @anjanaomkashyap Madam puja for innocent people.. Tripti desai like not qualified for talk on puja system suitable for kiss festival// 692731439033520130 @juniorbachchan Cont~ the promo of Abhishek Bachchan spcl Bday festival will air this Saturday in 2 Different Ch in Israel Tv. 692745697846648833 - Suara kaleng jatuh menyadarkan Renzy dari lamunannya. Tubuhnya masih berdiri menghadap pintu festival jepang yang semakin ramai. - 692754161889312768 baffles me how mumford and sons have been allowed to headline a festival, one of the worst bands going 692758866308759552 @BBClamacqshow for local promoters look no further than @maks33onions. Championing Hull bands for years and puts on a festival each year! 692765293894979584 @JCGJON @odetojishwa okay I may or may not be right. Depends if they play festival set. Feb 3 is def EMO road and today is listed as that2 692771765546848259 RHS students will be performing at the @Londonacappella festival in King's Place, London, in 50 minutes! 692776734329012224 Due to a number of large festival offers in the USA @Samantha_Fish has cancelled her proposed trip to Europe in June. 692782464754917376 My local beer festival is giving profits to breast cancer research, because apparently liver failure is the lesser of two evils. 692786517585059841 @BillBailey 5 angry Bristonians saw refugee suffering + created #INMYNAME music festival. Please help spreads the luv on Valentine's wkend. 692792591184740352 First award for arts and ents. The winner is...Tim Eveleigh, for setting up the first ever Croydon comedy festival #croydonchamps2015 692803994587172864 48 hour fast and then to norwich's smallest pub whimsically; housing the smallest beer festival I've ever been to (about 8) 692808214912589824 @Hannah70x7 omg that's the dream! I once saw them play "Real Talk" at some festival and I think I was the only one yelling 692820883816099841 @BastilleShoco that's still a far ways off probably! We're barely the small name you see on the bottom of huge festival posters! Lol 692827845203214336 This Mon join us at @SycamoreBrewing as we talk w/ @QCBrewFest Dir Nils Weldy about this year's festival. Plus the #CapturetheCrown winner 692856626013822976 Who's gonna be the first dude comic to publicly pull out of a festival because his female friends/colleagues feel unsafe? 692865986421137408 Tame Impala & The Cure are playing at UIC in June. Plus LOLLA, Jazz festival, Wicker Park festival, & pitchfork. Summer 2016 gonna be LIT. 692875362758369280 I better see hella youth in Merced at this music festival.. Middle school, high school, and college. Be about it Merced. 692889901549793284 .@KarinPageMusic has just had a massive win at the Tamworth music festival & she'll be performing one of her new songs next @GeoffHutchison 692897785629188097 I rather experience a rock concert than an EDM festival hands down. There is no other feeling like it. 692912127670120448 @Snow_Weiss_ *he lets go of her hand so she can run over to it, he smiles as he had spent all day working at the festival for the money* 692945402967015424 In other words does anyone want to go to festival de voyager I'm not complete sure about the passes but will know soon 692957742563201024 i'm going on a field trip tomorrow to the utah shakespeare festival to watch hamlet i didn't need this kind of distress today thanks zayn 692996244449411073 Off to see @UpontheDowns to talk #geocache trail on @NorthDownsWay in @ExploreKent & @VisitDover for summer festival #fancytreasurehunt 693007684682043393 The Team will partner with the National Theater of Scotland for a new show at the festival in August. 693017122285363200 @EmmerdaleNetbal Fancy joining up to this years @SummerSocialLDN June 4th! Netball competitions for all in our one day sports/music festival 693022069177618432 @MattPoacher obviously haven't been to Norway of late then? Huge there, saw her at the Oya festival, very pleasing. Happy Birthday BTW 693030068856168448 Accommodation booked for Edinburgh. I'll have to do this 'one year I'll give the festival a miss' thing some other time. 693058285444812800 Happy Halloween! Halloween dirayakan setiap tanggal 31 Oktober, terinspirasi oleh festival Samhain dari Irlandia. 693062408605192192 Jump on their bandwagon as much as you like, still don't sell enough as a headliner. What don't these retards understand about a festival? 693066377167503360 @Q104Halifax Last nights date went amazing, I took out $120 dollaras of ribs I bought at the rib festival last summer from my freezer. 693076146863411201 @MasonWillott27 mate if youve got festival blues now dont watch it youll be on a bus down to warrington after it haha 693081926211489792 Maybe it's just me but a film festival sounds like a terrible time... I have a hard enough time sitting through one movie. 693087398067097600 I just think two steps twice will be 73x more insane live at a festival than it usually would which is saying something 693091697161478144 What's more nakakahinayang than ditching a music festival with a ticket you got for free because acads 693100703389241344 @wowitsjoey oh ok. He's performing here at a festival and I was wondering if he had released something. Thank you. 693107662817497088 @twirlingmynci Hi! Would you mind taking a look at my questionnaire about Celtic cons festival pinned on my page? Would be so thankful! 693109311573245953 i think my big q here is whether she was participating in the festival or just wearing the shit for fun. that makes a difference 693110761481228290 @hashtagstagg Hi! Would you mind taking a look at my questionnaire about Celtic cons festival pinned on my page? Would be so thankful! 693112503304323072 @Eimhear_M Hi! Would you mind taking a look at my questionnaire about Celtic cons festival pinned on my page? Would be so thankful! 693117978963881985 so she has completely devoted herself to the club. During the school festival performance in the fall of her first high school year -c- 693121402539499521 Exciting meeting of the @ImagineBelfast steering group today. Glad to see the festival continue to grow & pleased to be able to support. 693128396092674050 all these festival announcements are killing me, just wanna know what the crack is with glasto already 693134368055922688 Blast Friday, a free festival, tonight from 5:30-10, Cleveland St. downtown @MyClearwater - Free concert plus food, beer, vendors and more. 693144153597747201 I encourage everyone to attend a festival, concert or just travel with some friends for a weekend or more. These experiences are priceless. 693150029402509312 @erikip64 Now all the cash you guys use to bett is throwing annual SP festival. Hope you planing to attend....:) 693154232803807233 Tomorrow: Love Brunch at 100 Wardour Street, TEDxEastEnd - Society Beyond Borders, Winter Pride festival and Megan Mckenna at Cafe De Paris 693166469664808960 Well, Full Of Hell is playing Sound and Fury so I'm in. Should be interesting to see them play a dominantly hardcore festival. 693171383036092416 Guys I'm at this orchestra festival that lasts for three days please help me have the sweet release of death 693182921990012929 @kellyatpumpkinp @whatsonnorth on May 15th is north east vegan festival at Safc stadium @nevfest a must if you love food 693330083163955200 I particularly liked the Maharashtrian collection. There are options for every festival and occasions with them. 693341626727600128 Table came fourth in the @whitstablelit quiz night fundraiser. Looking forward to another fine literary festival by the sea this year 693352838546632704 One Arena is seriously packed for All Sons & Daughters. Not my cupa tea but Festival One has hit the target market. #festivalone 693361026797027328 @erisareimusic Thanks for the follow. Hope to see you enjoying a music festival with us soon. Get friends involved & make it a party 693369580941676544 @TheOnlyMANiC @Boobood31 u don't think people would know Drake? He's 4 albums deep with a festival in Canada and pop songs out? 693377571526971393 Lovely bit of classical playing as I clean up after you cheeky lovers from last night. Beer festival opens at 12 #beer 693387489566830592 So I'm at Laneway music festival and the band that's on right now sounds like they're playing hardcore flutes. Flutecore. 693416755759173634 @Rieeen17 well I bought oppai sweater in bandung today at Bandung Japan festival, I asked bout osomatsu, and the guy said they're making- 693433349541609474 At the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain, 14% of those gored are North Americans, 10% are Australian, and 8% are British. 693439496893915137 genuinely feeling held back from buying festival tickets thinking about people shouting oo there it is on every drop 693445906088132608 my fam's out there enjoying the city festival and im here in the house alone scrolling through twitter hearing the loud music from the park 693450868037935104 I wanna go to a lake, a festival, hell even shopping idc I'll go to the beach and whatever I want to explore I need to get out and do things 693461774121750528 @kris1179 agree, can't see anything getting near him come the festival. Hopefully Willie agrees because it will make my AP bets look ok ha! 693482597440229376 Playing a game at Gaspy today called "Count how many girls are wearing the same pair of AE black high-waisted festival shorts as me" 693487853779578880 Happy Yoho Blow Days, #FieldBC & @YohoNP! Best festival in the best town in the best National Park in the Canadian Rockies! #Kootenays 693495602726850562 @iSaintAA @superkidd06 mg Sinulog ka next time paps. ano ng twag s festival s inyo Dinagyang b yun? magkasunod lng tayo eh 693511486040199168 I'm not sure if me wearing a maxi skirt to the pancake festival is a good idea. But hey. It's happening. 693518031377436672 What's going on w/ Peter Greenaway's Eisenstein movie? Kept seeing items about it in production & festival circuit but now nothing... 693524329649291264 The fact that our #pompeyjailbreak has been finished by a random street festival in Brussels and a nice meal, couldn't be better 693532753783083008 Ni time ya reggea sasa on Sports pesa festival, wale watu wa kuita buda 'buuuuuda' #madeofwinners @OCHEEXZAS 693542803293487104 @Ringo11Lee @DrGonzo2411 @tonyabbit been to the last 3, going again this year. It's a great little festival. I'll never afford Levitation! 693547923838259200 @wadodecorrido Votaste el cambio al festival de la alegria?conseguiste festival d aumentos luz 300%,peaje 50%,ABL40%,harina150%,carne70%,etc 693561922617266176 If @WeAreMako are actually gonna hit the UK this summer. I might buy a festival ticket. Never thought I'd see the day. 693568820699467776 If you haven't been to an EDM music festival , check out @UMESouthPadre . You can stay in Texas and Rave by the beach for Spring Break! 693574490106761216 Upbeat music is pouring out of the @nku_camprec for the festival. Students are busting out some dance moves #NKUMediaSkills 693594826093268992 i think this is the first festival on flight rising where i didn't bother to get any chests and dupes of the apparel i'm just so bored of fr 693604679389954048 am i the only one that wants to see like some kind of grounder festival in polis that would be so cool to see their dancing & music & shit 693611317962276864 Who's going to CRSSD? I'm planning to stay in a boutique hotel in Little Italy right by the festival. 693631836350603264 cultural festival, and then hiked up a small mountain and jogged all the way down. im glad i gave this place a shot 693642797052620800 @zelrabaja HAHAHAHAHA, sali ka sa higantes festival sa Angono, Rizal! Tapos yung ano mo yung higante. HAHAHAHA. 693701701069578241 Wonderful hearing @bbcathedral and @Sacristbb on @BBCRadio4 whilst on my way back from Hereford for this morning's festival! 693713656538771456 @greasyjulia yeah but like girls get a pass sometimes bc I'm pretty sure frat party is actually Greek for "meat festival" 693726831921356800 u ever think about the cute boys u saw at a jazz festival and get rlly upset then remember ur teacher said not to frick with them 693743028058468354 Aiza live here in festival mall.. Grabe ang lamig ng boses nia parang nasa ref lang. Hehehe super idol... #MaineForEskinol #MAICHARDInfinity 693766882638327810 iki sene once 150 tane film izledigimiz festivallerde bilet fiyatlarinin bu kadar yukselmesi festival ruhuna uymuyor. 693774003891097600 festival themed cb expectation: happy and full of life reality: is only lowkey festival and high key action movie 693782291571707904 @York_Festivals are you going to update the website? Emailed you ages ago to update our details for our festival on 4-20 March. No reply!!! 693807582339809280 @ChrisMaloney77 are u going to perform by me any time (Glastonbury) would love to come see you or you can call in for cuppa during festival 693817984335372288 Aislinn: Do you know what I want? To have a pirogue festival. By myself. Different shapes. Different colors. The works. 693827857387253760 Lakefest is a local festival happening 9th-11th August at Croft Farm Water Park near Tewkesbury! And Zumba Ami... 693835921523892224 Long Point is very backed up due to the oyster roast festival. Use Highway 17 entrance into Boone Hall. #mtpsc #chstrfc #mppdnews 693842889760194560 @FangsOfTheTwili -festival, I stalled going to bed... And why I asked you to stay in the guest room. Honestly, I wanted more than you in a- 693852073864003584 @VSFF thank YOU for always supporting us and for the great festival you've brought to Vancouver! #vsff2016 693858842610962433 @fake_engineer7 #ComedyNightswithKapil was a clean, hilarious, and family show. HNY episode was more like a festival and so was Bhajji's one 693866736332972033 peglana kobasica po meni ima veze sa istocnom i juznom Srbijom.Stara planina,Vrata Homolja i jedan festival hrane kada jedes ispod satora 693874564200292352 @EssexChronicle seems I won't need to worry about buying a ticket again this year then. Lame pop festival now. 693882559885897728 @boomjinx @GenixDJ @danstonemusic @aneeshgera @AnskeOfficial @TobyHedgesMusic & us. A lineup worthy for a festival! #RAPTURE #trancefamily 693888107305897986 @HorsesAreCooool thanks for the follow. We are at Cheltenham for The festival. Come and get your hats @YvetteJelfs.com. 693898245416816640 @AlexO_ I think there should be a new veterans chase at the festival and we should call it "TOGS Veteran's Chase" in his honour 693904114577592320 @CannaBoss G'day Jan, Jamie from KIIS FM. Hoping to have a chat about the BBQ festival. Could you follow back for a DM? Ta, Jamie 693912472206622720 @LifeOfSham cool, We're a village near Glasgow Scotland and the locals call the village the sham hence the #shamfest for the beer festival 693917569695244289 @nashwakay too far. The holi festival scenes not so much just because that's something that is freely shared with outsiders 693924310021464070 @CrusaderSarlin It's a festival that honors the sacrifices that our ancestors made to help shape our current world. 693933018520670208 In my opinion Victoria Pendleton is the only thing saving this cheltenham festival from being the biggest borefest ever. 693958806699528192 I have an extra ticket to adtr's self help festival March 19th... Dm me if you're down to go with me or buy it off me 693977766715334656 @CherokeeEvans it's weird because one page says they play at 10:30 for the festival, but another page says they play at 8 just for a show. 693984397041737729 In 2010 Senegal hosted the world festival of black arts. Celebrating black culture from around the world. 693993625596727296 the second round of the spoken word festival is tonight but I have a lot to do so you know what I'm going to do? listen to poems stressfully 694003540381954048 Why didn't tell employees what's happening ! how could we find new jobs during Spring festival! what a STUPID & IRRESPONSIBLE CORP! 694015763359731714 hi @BroedeCarmody, The Staysails will be published this August (by @UQPBooks) & launched at @qldpoetry '16, hope to see you at the festival! 694026397988233216 @ExRockette @lexizettle @adriennepaxton so thrilling! MOTW is getting the festival love. Lets keep the audiences laughing! 694037480434040832 Got word @rileyoakes is an Official Selection at the @highdesertiff May 27-29, 2016 #indiefilm #festival 694066840146960384 @faizalhamssin @thenewpaper it's a festival, so a pretty normal scene anywhere, unless they promote cleanliness and recycling 694077899368955904 .@maricarjagger joins Mason on the show next talking about the upcoming LGBT film festival at @portsmouthuni #PortsmouthBreakfast 694088887749189632 @TellDramaUK @AMDWaters @Telegraph and also very friendly with Nazi who threw quenelle outside Edinburgh festival 694099292605186048 glad to see friends opting for life over (not) good old, dough slavery. Was part of a seafood festival yesterday it's where I realized this. 694110036625326080 @GlastoFest @JeffLynnesELO This will be pretty-pretty good... Surely they will be closing the festival? 694132670872317953 @BigWeekendR1 @Evenuband need to play this festival! Massive music and the guys genuinely deserve a chance to play! #EvenuForBigWeekebd 694141074978258944 Had a dream I was talking to Dylan o'brien in class, hanging out with the crew in Japan at a festival, and joking around with Harry Styles.. 694148522992627712 Lots of festival announcements in the last week - will we get another @DownloadFest one soon @Maverick_AC ? Some bands I'm hoping for... 694157785609547776 @Raveolutionph would love to see a guide going to mckinley west festival ground! coming from different directions! 694168602447056896 The 10min jury duty video was well produced, they should submit that bad boy to a festival! #filmfest #sundance 694180767262310400 tbh my hopes are really high to be barrier bc they're one of the few US bands @ the festival & haven't been promo'd on the fest. website 694199846048284672 Alright I just uploaded a quick snapchat story I think it's film festival worthy please watch it and leave me your rating here 694208071531372544 folk festival again this year @RyanThomason95 @CallumNicolson4 ? i see memberships are available i think! 694215243543740417 @freemusicarchiv one time someone organized a local concert festival in our town called lollaforlosers. nobody got sued and we had a fun tim 694225681392099328 My first Hip Hop festival was Paid Dues 2012 and I got to see Dipset perform front row, never will I forget that experience. 694231419481120768 @georgegalloway we would all celebrate and have a huge festival on their emigration to that blood drenched gangster entity 694237466778308608 @soimabitmental @crawleytown blimey, missed the last update. Be good for me to win with a beer festival due at the Pan Siro #drinksallround 694247495677956097 @miguelsicart @ammonite *peeks around the corner* perhaps playful arts festival 2018? Same place + time for both! ;) 694257484618280960 Tryna find a place in the country around Ripon where we could start planning a local artist mini festival. Lemme know if you could bless me